Valerie Dwyer’s Latest Book Review: Fulfilled – A Personal Revolution in 7 Steps- Deirdre Bounds comes with SPECIAL OFFER FOR YOU!

Fulfilled – A Personal Revolution in 7 Steps by Deirdre Bounds – Pearson Education Limited/Prentice Hall  ISBN 978-0-273-72552-7  Reviewed by serial entrepreneur Valerie Dwyer, founder of My Wonderful Life™ Coach, Everything is Possible™, and other enterprises. 

Deirdre Bounds, Multimillionaire Founder of

Deirdre Bounds, Multimillionaire Founder of

‘Fulfilled’ comes with a WARNING!!! It isn’t for the faint hearted, or the grazing reader, dipper in and out, searcher for fad of the moment or quick fix. Finishing this book is not the end of the story – it’s the opening of a door/crossing of a bridge into a new country for those with the humility, honesty and courage to stay the course. It has the potential to seriously change your life – however you will need to really work at it. Remember though that everything worth having – is worth working at.  There’s no learning like, and none more powerful than, life experience. Deirdre shares the gift of her own transformation – that’s priceless!

      Fulfilled is for those with the courage to change and a burning desire for personal fulfilment. By reading ‘Fulfilled’ you’ll experience change – but work through the programme and you’ll change your life and the world around you!
       You’ll learn how to ‘tap into the fourth dimension’ – your inner resource – the true intuition that all we human beings possess but many have been denying. Dedication to discovering your ‘true purpose’ will be rewarded. Perhaps thankfully, I am not sure, not everyone has the opportunity to experience the critical ‘life or death’ or ‘near death’ moment, that ‘vital spiritual experience’ as Carl Jung described it, that for many of us has stimulated us to reassess the way we live our lives.
      Deirdre was kind enough to inscribe the front of the review copy that she sent me with the words “It’s never too late to be Fulfilled, Deirdre x” How very, very true. If you’ve read what I say about ‘Attitude’ elsewhere, then you’ll agree. It’s important to share with you the context for Deirdre’s book. “From a tough childhood, subsequent addiction and uncertainty, Deirdre Bounds climbed her way out of a rock-bottom situation, started a business with no experience, and became a self-made multimillionaire, eventually selling to a FTSE 100 company. Deirdre attributes her success WHOLLY to this 7 Step programme, which not only helped her overcome her addiction problems, but also allowed her to create the happiest possible family life and find real and lasting fulfilment in every other area of her life”.  What better endorsement can you want?
     Deirdre asks “Have you ever said “There’s got to be more to life than this?” A whole lot of people will answer ‘Yes’ but even faced with the potential solution, have they got what it takes to turn it around?  I admit it – I found ‘Fulfilled – A Personal Revolution in 7 Steps’ a challenging read. That’s because as a Serial Entrepreneur, Coach and Mentor, who has also been challenged (and boy how so! Every decade of my life in particular but that’s waiting for my own book to reveal) but came at the solution from a different perspective, I nevertheless persevered. And it was worth it! You see, however you go about it, to really change your life takes work and in some cases more work than in others. What is common, in even different approaches, is the need to persevere – persistently – and believe that you’ll make it!   
      Fulfilled is a complete work to take you from A to B. How long will it take? As long (or short) as you want it to. Does it work? Well, clearly it did for Deirdre and for the thousands who signed up to the original programme as it was intended. The hardest part is often admitting the problem – some say that once that’s done you’re half way there. OK, sometimes there’s a lifetime of ‘baggage’ but what the hey! Dump it! Although even that’s easier said than done – but Deirdre shows how. There’s a necessary process. In fact all the necessary processes are structured and ready to work through. I don’t say follow because it’s a ‘work through’ book and process. You’ll need to set some ‘me time’ and be determined.
    My review has nothing to do with the fact that Deirdre and I are both registered as motivational speakers with the same agency, and also have life similarities (I don’t believe in coincidences) in what altruistic ventures and charitable activities we support.  Deirdre’s an Ambassador for Young Enterprise and I’m a Champion for Women’s Enterprise  You know, even though it’s a small world, you don’t always know who is standing next to you. I don’t believe in coincidences, so how this will pan out is anybody’s guess. What I do know is that if you’ve ever really hit rock-bottom; if you’ve attempted to change your life for the better and still haven’t managed it, invest the £10, be luckier still and sign up for our Winspiration ™ newsletter before 2nd September 2009 and you’ll access a 24-hour time-limited REALLY SPECIAL OFFER BONUS PACKAGE! I was impressed enough to work out this special deal with Deirdre for you!  If that’s a problem ask someone for your birthday present and if that won’t do it, go to the library, get the book, set aside the time and space and put in the groundwork at this. It’s not a quick fix, will not happen overnight (let me know if it does!) but I can see the potential….Do also go look at  the website to help on your Fulfilled journey. Do visit  as well. Who knows what this budding serial entrepreneur will come up with next

Highly Recommended – Go and get FULFILLED! if you’ve got the true grit to stick at it and make the life change that you say you want!

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