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‘Ave to Love’, Philippa Hanna, Help for Haiti’s Children , the next or even first global Number 1? You tell because…”Everything is Possible”!

March 12, 2010

‘Ave to Love’ the sensational new work from songbird Philippa Hanna, inspired by her visit out to Haiti’s children, has gone from nowhere to featuring on World News within a space of days.   Is this the next, or even first global number 1?  Can’t stop talking about it… and sharing – will you join me?  Philippa has inspired me and thousands of others…

 ‘Ave to Love’ video is now being shared as well as watched and it’s travelling around the world. Philippa’s dream is that ‘Ave to Love’ will create a people support wave big enough to generate funds, enough money raised to make a substantial donation to Compassion, to work with Haiti’s children. What have you done today to help spread this inspirational word?

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Philippa Hanna Ave to Love for Haiti's Children

Philippa Hanna Ave to Love for Haiti's Children

Philippa Hanna’s ‘Ave to Love’ You Tube

March 11, 2010

Philippa Hanna’s beautiful and inspiring ‘Ave to Love’ new single gathering support to Help Haiti’s Children – WATCH the video now on You Tube

Serial Entrepreneur Valerie Dwyer Supporting Songbird Philippa Hanna to Help Haiti’s Children thru ‘Ave to Love’

March 9, 2010

Serial Entrepreneur, Coach and Mentor Valerie Dwyer & dynamic singer/songwriter Philippa Hanna and team are gathering support for their project to Help Haiti’s Childrenand now we need YOU!  

Philippa Hanna Ave to Love for Haiti's Children

Read Philippa’s story and Donate:

Buy the CD/MP3/Video

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Philippa beautiful new single Ave to Love is dedicated to help Haiti’s children. Excellent value for money but we’ need thousands and thousands to meet our target – so buy, blog, tweet, retweet, share, do what you can please to help us support Haiti’s children…

All on the team are providing their services at no cost to support this quest so that all funds go to the project.

Some Highlights so far:-

50 Child Sponsors recruited – brings approx £37,800 to the children via Compassion

Supermummy Mumpreneur Mel McGee is supporting us with % sales from her new book

Sandra Pollock – Open Mind Coaching blogging on her website is now live. Gary Dwyer was helping us resolve a technical issue –   liked so much what we’re doing that he made the first online donation. Come on, be next!

Pamela Pindar, Managing Director of global Payroll & Business Solutions and the HR Document Shop made first cheque donation by post

Faye Smith of Keep Your Fork – is to help Philippa’s work with schools

Celia Pontin –  – has exciting ideas that we are exploring

It’s beginning to happen – but we need more help – your help!!


Philippa Hanna visited Haiti several weeks before the earthquake which killed 200,000 people and left over a million homeless.  Her tour of orphanages and schools left a huge mental scar and a determination that something had to be done to ease their abject poverty. Now, in the wake of the world’s worst natural disasters, with people living without shelter in torrential seasonal rains, she has released Ave To Love to raise money specifically for the children of Haiti.

She has teamed up with Grammy award-winning record producer Eliot Kennedy who co-wrote and mixed Ave To Love.  Philippa said: “It broke my heart seeing the state of Haiti and that was before the earthquake. They had next to nothing and next to no-one even then. I felt I had to do something to help and producing this song will raise much-needed funds. Every penny is vital”.

Eliot Kennedy, the mixing genius behind many hits by Take That and the Spice Girls, says: “This is a fabulous song and Philly is a special singer. I believe the song has global appeal.” The song conveys a message of hope against the backdrop of desperation. It has already been received with rapturous applause by audiences on Philippa’s concert tour of the UK 20 venues.

The video features newsreel of the disaster and footage of Philippa performing and meeting and working with Haiti children as part of her role as an ambassador for the international children’s charity Compassion.

 In conversation yesterday Philippa told Valerie:-“Ever since my trip out to Haiti in November 09, I’ve been really shaken out of my comfort zone as a person. I’ve been a full-time touring artist for the past two years and music has always been my number one passion. But after seeing beautiful children and families living in abject poverty my heart has changed. I’ve realized that the best way to spend our lives is on others. So many across the world don’t enjoy the privilege and even the rights that we have here in the UK. I now want to do whatever I can with the gifts and opportunities I’ve been given, to help.

The reason I’ve chosen to support the organization Compassion is that they truly, truly make a difference. By using local people who know the culture, they are not only able to assess the exact needs of the community, but can also see that the money goes exactly where it should – to the children. My dream is that we would sell enough copies of this incredible song ‘Ave to Love’ to offer them a generous donation to their emergency aid fund for Haiti. But also that in raising profile for their child sponsorship program, we might encourage more people to sponsor and make a lasting impact on children’s lives. Over the course of my current tour we’ve seen a great response and have used the single and video to help recruit a further 50 sponsors. This will amount to an estimated £37,800 (based on the average sponsor’s three year commitment) of finance going straight into the relief of child poverty. I’m so excited and feel a real sense that this single is going to make more waves”.   With your help? Will you help us?

 Follow and keep up to date with developments, Share, RSS Feeds, Blog, Retweet – Do what you can please…MILLION THANKS in anticipation..

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