MY FIRE’S GONE OUT! How to Cope with Change in Your Work and Your Life –Liam O’Connell – Reviewed by Valerie Dwyer – Serial Entrepreneur, Coach, Mentor, Inspirational Speaker, founder of My Wonderful Life Coach™, Everything is Possible™,

My Fire's Gone Out! How to Cope with Change in Your Work and Your Life.MY FIRE’S GONE OUT! is an excellent parable for our times! Best little book! Half hour read, common sense, inspiration, motivation!! Reminds us ‘change’=opportunity. Focus on what matters! 

Billed as the NEW ‘Who Moved My Cheese’ Liam O’Connell uses ‘fire’ as a metaphor for setting a new focus on what is really important to you, in your life and your work so that you can handle change in whatever guise it presents to you. Through the device of four aptly named little devils, (read the book..) stoking the fires of hell, the story tells how differently each reacts when sudden and dramatic change interrupts the normal flow of their lives.

Coaches and others will recognise what is happening here but there’s great value to be had from sharing this book as a tool to get some key messages across to other people.

Condenses the spirit of self-belief and reinforces in 81 enjoyable pages the timeless truth that with change comes opportunity, provided you take a little time to think, spot it and confidently work it through!  Inspirational and Motivational. Peppered with common sense and realism. A refreshingly light treatment of a sometimes all too heavy topic! (More please!!) Read my review at

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