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FROM VISION TO EXIT The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Building and Selling a Business, by Guy Rigby, Reviewed by Valerie Dwyer, Serial Entrepreneur, Coach, Mentor, Inspirational Speaker, founder of My Wonderful Life Coach™, Strategic Insight, Everything is Possible™, and other enterprises.

January 20, 2012

Or:The A-Z encyclopaedia of Business Reference KnowHow for new and established entrepreneurs   

. Image No need to keep you in suspense. I couldn’t possibly cover in this review all I want to say about From Vision to Exit other than if you’re in business you need this book ***** 5 stars!

This is the book that I would love to have written about starting, growing and selling a business! Insightful, comprehensive, information packed practical ready reference on just about everything you could possibly need to know to successfully negotiate your business from start to finish–and beyond!

Many entrepreneurs never reap the real potential value of their business upon exit but here’s the handbook to building and selling your business at the right price. Having been (successfully) through the process myself I know that ‘book value’ ‘assets value’ and ‘market value’ can bear no resemblance at all to what your business is really worth – the ‘right price’. Bonus, there’s also a chapter on buying and building a business – been there too! Follow Guy Rigby’s advice and you will come out on top!

From Vision to Exit  brings you incredible added value, an extra dimension, from an entrepreneur who is also a chartered accountant, bringing you all-round knowledge that is vital to making the most of your assets. You would expect me to say if there’s anything that disappoints and there is but only a little – more on the process of Vision development please for those entrepreneurs who aren’t clear about creating a shared vision! – but this in no way detracts from the book and perhaps it is time I put pen to paper on Vision development – it is part of my every day business after all.


I love it that Guy agrees with me (I cringe when Dragon’s Den applicants fall for this!) to not give too much of a business away too early on. Oh! the equity sacrifices that some entrepreneurs make when pitching for investors, not realising that those extra 10 or 20% when applied to the new value of their business in a couple of years time could be worth £millions more.


Even more delighted that Guy mentions ‘Board Evaluation’. As Chairman of various organisations, I’ve always believed in (and introduced) Board Evaluation, a vital, effective tool for upping our game and business improvement. Creating Shared Vision is also a role of boards. Both are powerful processes when performed well.


Value, marketing, networking, collaboration, cloud computing, global village, IP, ‘buried treasure’, and so much more. Comprehensive, well thought out, carefully crafted, practical and opportunistic companion and business expert at your fingertips.


Top Tips at the end of each chapter, insightful, information packed, just about everything you could think of or want to know about how to successfully negotiate your business from vision (through growth) to exit! Added bonus when you buy this book, you also receive the ebook version free. All of this knowhow needs to be shared!


Read and keep as a handy reference. Better still, because some changes take time, pick out the areas that you need to pay attention to in your business and draw up a plan of action. So Step One, Buy From Vision to Exit now! And get a head start.


***** 5 stars!   Highly recommended

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