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Money Bondage – Discover the Power of Mind OverMoney -Sophie Bennett’s amazing money mindset book

March 25, 2014

Money Bondage – Discover the Power of Mind over Money: How To Break Free from Debt and Step Up to a Richer Life by Sophie Bennett, The Wealth Network Ltd, ISBN 978-0-9926128-0-1

Reviewed by Valerie Dwyer, Serial Entrepreneur, Coach, Mentor, Inspirational Speaker, founder of My Wonderful Life Coach™, Strategic Insight, Everything is Possible™, and other enterprises.

 WEALTH WARNING! Whatever the size of your debt distress or wealth ambition, a ‘Must Read’, Money Bondage Rocks! It’s not often I say this in my introduction but get your copy now! Who’d have thought a book about money would brim with emotion, passion, feelings, motivation and self-worth? Read on to find out why you need your own copy today…


Your Definitive Guide to Money Mastery!Want to transform your life from debt to wealth? Here’s the revelation. You don’t need to be good at maths, or numbers or managing your money to date to understand Money Bondage and act on transforming your money life! You will, however, by working through ‘Give Self-Sabotage a Kicking’; The Power of Passion, ‘Become a Luck Magnet’ and much more, learn how to change your money mindset.

Sophie Bennett is a very clever woman indeed! There’s nothing more powerful than learning from someone who has ‘been there, done that’ and succeeded, especially when they are able to address the root of your problems, not merely the symptoms. Her ‘bacon sandwich moment was the catalyst for Money expert Sophie, to transform her £60,000 of debts (with just 17p in her purse) into life as a successful money manager and investor; personal finance expert; Coach, Master Business Practitioner of NLP; Speaker, Trainer and Business Mentor.

Since securing her first contract for £1 million she’s on a mission to share her extensive experience using a Coaching, Mentoring approach, providing learning resources to get you dealing intelligently with your own money (or lack of it). As someone who travelled a similar path, I can vouch for the ‘stickability’ of Sophie’s teaching and I love her ‘get there sooner’ brown envelopes!

Everyone, (this includes you!) everyone responsible in any way for handling their own money, and probably a few ‘money experts’ as well, will benefit from having their own copy of Money Bondage. Books on money and finance are not new but Sophie Bennett has drawn on her own extensive (and impressive) personal experiences to deliver a holistic potentially life-changing Coaching approach that really works.

Written in an easy personal style, but pulling no punches, this comprehensive guide to getting out of debt, learning new habits and building secure foundations for future wealth is for everyone, including you! When you do the work on your thought processes, beliefs, perceptions, attitudes and behaviours  this delightful, informative, practical layman’s guide to recognising and dealing with money and lack of it, both in both personal life and business, is a valuable return on your investment.

By the time you reach the final pages you’ve acquired an incredible toolkit with real life examples and the knowledge to use it effectively for yourself and others around you, as well as pointers to support if further interventions are needed.

Packed with resources including thought stimulating questions, simple exercises, Case Studies, ‘How To’ practical examples, colourful metaphors this 223 page paperback rounds off with ’Slavery to Mastery’, a message from Carole, and End Notes for further consideration.

Dip in and out if you must, the lovely brief chapters on a wide range of vital topics help, but you must read fully and in sequence to gain maximum advantage.  If you can only afford one book this year, this is it. Or request it from your library. A great gift for someone whose welfare you treasure.

We’re definitely adding this to our online bookstore of inspirational, motivational, Coaching, personal and business development titles! 

Highly recommended – My Best Little Book of 2014 (and I don’t get paid for saying this)

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