Women Power: Strategies For Female Leaders- Excited! Friday 10th October, Holiday Inn, Nottingham. My New Book Launch At Last!!

I’ll begin by saying THANK YOU!! I’m absolutely buzzing and it’s all thanks to you! When you get the opportunity to talk about your passions and get into flow, the world is a wonderful place with amazing people and I’ve met so many in the past couple of weeks that I’m almost meeting myself coming back!   Thank You for sharing my blog, tweets @valeriedwyer ; Linked In WE40 Cover Woman Power - Strategies for Female Leadersmentions, nice little pieces in the news in the press – all part of my journey and SO appreciated because this little red book, ‘Woman Power: Strategies For Female Leaders’, the WORLD needs – one of those MUST READS with the potential to transform lives. Don’t be fooled by the title!! These are also daily LIFE  strategies for everyone….

So, I hope that you will make it to the launch tomorrow between 10.00am and 12noon, Friday 10th October, Holiday Inn,Castle Marina, Nottingham, (plentiful free parking and fabulous coffee) thanks to my hosts you can book here http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/athena-nottingham-cappuccino-connections-oct-2014-tickets-13080400831 join us and other amazing women entrepreneurs for biz chat over coffee and get your personally signed copy.

Otherwise, I hope that you will make the opportunity to get hold of a copy of ‘Woman Power: Strategies for Female Leaders’, which by the way men will also find of immeasurable value in better understanding female leaders!!

Once I have sorted out how to get Paypal into this WordPress blog, you will be able to order a copy here. You can order through my newsletter, or message me for details.  Have a Wonderful Day, Week, Year! Remember -‘Everything is Possible’

Look forward to seeing you tomorrow. Thank You again for being part of my journey….#Believe #Achieve#Success


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