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Countdown to ‘Change Your Life in A Day’ in our interactive ‘Wealth Vitality, Visions and Values’ Workshop 19/11/14

November 5, 2014

The countdown is on! to ‘Change Your Life in A Day’ with Vital Women in our interactive ‘Wealth Vitality, Visions and Values’ Workshop 19/11/14

Today, I’m sharing a couple of my favourited #quotes with you that people tell me they have found helpful and shared with others.  And there’s a very good reason I am doing this. Why? Because you do not need to hear anything ‘second hand’. You are now offered an amazing opportunity to discover what this creating the life you REALLY want is all about first hand, and get started. But time is running out, as it always does…

You have under two weeks to sign up to join us for One Amazing Day that WILL catalyse change in your life, towards the life that you REALLY want. This event, as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week UK is on UK Women’s Enterprise Day and therefore a women only event this time.

Join me,Valerie Dwyer, Serial Entrepreneur, Business Coach and Mentor, Founder of My Wonderful Life Coach– co-author of ‘Woman Power: Strategies for Female Leaders’, recently nominated for Inspirational Woman of the Year 2014 in the Nottingham Post Women’s Business Awards with a 30 year track record of empowering women to start and grow enterprises and go for their dreams and make them real –  and #Values Guru Karen Oehme, Founder of Vital Women, and other aspiring women, for One Amazing Day

In a friendly, supportive, safe and secure environment you will find your way to bouncing over your barriers, crushing your challenges, creating your VitalVision Blueprint for Success and stepping out on the journey you’ve always wanted – down the road to the life you REALLY want. AND you’ll have fun doing it we promise!! BUT we will take you a little out of your Comfort Zone for a short while because that’s the ONLY way to create real change! AND you’ll receive follow on support to keep on track on your new journey….


COURAGE. CHANGE is the only way to be, do and have more than we currently are. Lead that change, discover in our interactive workshop ‘How to  #IMAGINE your BEST #POSSIBLE future and then MAKE IT HAPPEN!

The thing about Comfort Zone is this. Once we firmly decide to major step outside, after initial fear, comes excitement, exhilaration and #Success

Clear #Vision & aligned #Values give you #Confidence, #Focus & #Direction to take Right Action, create and attract your ideal future #Vision #Leadership

CONFIDENCE THE KEY to believe in self, face down fears, tackle unknown, explore with courage and ACHIEVE. Create our own? DEFINITELY! #Justdoit – with a little help from our friends. Join us for One Amazing Day.

The difference between failure and success can be as simple as not recognising a valuable opportunity when it is right in front of you. Don’t miss out, sign up here now join us on 19th November 2014, become part of our Vital Women community and change your life to the one  you REALLY want…

And while you’re here, why not help a friend? Flyer attached as a .pdf file for you to save, forward, print and share GEWUK Wealth Vitality, Visions and Values19 11 14

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