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Mosquitos and Lord Richard Attenborough (Jurassic Park) down a Serial Entrepreneur’s ‘Memory Lane’

August 24, 2015

On a trip down ‘Memory Lane’ while sorting out an archive recently mosquitos loomed large. Thankfully, virtually!

I had the greatest pleasure to meet the wonderful Lord Richard Attenborough, memorable for many outstanding acting and film producing roles, including Jurassic Park (cue mosquito preserved in amber on a walking cane) when we both spoke at an official Launch event in Leicester.  He was perhaps lesser known by the general public for his ‘great and good’ work for charitable causes. Sharing this passion, we enjoyed a wonderful conversation and I was amused that he called me ‘darling’ which I later learned was his trademark catchphrase in the film industry…

Valerie Dwyer with Lord Richard Attenborough

‘Mosquito’ Magazine was a trailblazing and beautifully designed magazine styled ‘Art, Style, Fashion, Music and Life in a Cynical Age’ started by three trailblazing Nottingham Trent University graduates who, in exchange for some mentoring, presented me with copies of their Special Edition: Issue 1 and Second Edition of the magazine.

Mosquito Magazine First Edition 2001        Mosquito Magazine Issue 2 2001

More memories to follow…tell you next times about being introduced to HRH Prince Charles…Duran Duran’s Simon Le Bon and a few other names you may recognise…all in a days work!!

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