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What a Difference a Day Makes! 24 Little Hours! Is Enough to Change Your Life Forever! Feedback Feeds My Soul! Why I LOVE What I Do And It Never Feels Like ‘Work’

May 20, 2016

What a difference a day makes. 24 little hours. That’s just enough, often less, to change your whole world, if you are a seeker for the truth of why you are here and how you can live the life you love.ValerieDwyer MainPic for web

Don’t you just LOVE your life and your ‘work’? If not, perhaps it’s not for you! What a thought!  #lifeisnotarehearsal

I’ve been working with someone on creating a new website for My Wonderful Life Coach™ and in the process asked some clients if they would say a few words on video about working with me. Now anyone who knows me knows that I get the biggest ‘kick’ from being a part of someone’s life-change, transformation, helping them to finally get over their challenges, blockages, ‘stuckness’ into their flow and living the life and business that they REALLY LOVE, that they were born to, that’s their true purpose and their WHY?

You may have seen already what the #amazing Michele Walsh, AKA Ms MoneyMaker said in this short video Michele Walsh Says

Now the words are in from another #amazing woman, the extremely modest  Karen Williams, a Life Changer herself and founder of The Buddy Bag Foundation – the incredible new Charity helping children – that has also already exceeded its goals for 2020 AND proudly has a Girl Guide Badge in the process!!

Here’s what Karen says – Karen Williams says… about ‘What a Difference a Day Makes, 24 Little Hours’.

Who do you recognise that could benefit from a little input to help them turn their life around? Spread the love, share this, and help us all create the Wonderful Life worth Living!




“Woman Power: Strategies for Female Leaders” Book Praised for #Diversity

May 18, 2016

Popular global anthology “Woman Power: Strategies for Female Leaders”, the book authored by 16 worldwide Women Leaders, Coaches, Mentors, Entrepreneurs and Consultants including Valerie Dwyer is praised for #Diversity of contribution in terms of country, ethnicity, technique, leadership style, experience and contribution. Sales continue to increase both online and at events where co-author Valerie Dwyer is a keynote speaker on #Womensenterprise #Leadership #Entrepreneurship and already this year the book has travelled in the UK as well as South Africa and Prague, where Valerie has signed copies as well as keynoted about #Womenentrepreneurs and #Womenleaders

WE40 Cover Woman Power - Strategies for Female Leaders

Delighted! LOVE Feedback! This from #ideatoenterprise Conference

May 4, 2016

Delighted! LOVE Feedback! This from #ideatoenterprise Conference. When you are in the business of transformation, of changing lives for the better, of helping people to realise and reach their potential to have the Life and Business they REALLY want, feedback is everything.

I openly welcome critical but constructive feedback too – it’s the only way we keep improving our offering and ensure we deliver outstanding performance and most important of all – not only make an unforgettable impact but be a real catalyst for someone’s positive change, growth, confidence building and #Success.

So you can imagine my delight to receive this recent feedback from #ideatoenterprise – both from the Programme Project Manager and from delegates:-

Idea to Enterprise Project Manager Bernadette Sarginson: Empower Coaching and Training said:

I was appointed Project Manager to lead the Idea to Enterprise government funded programme, on behalf of Leicestershire County Council, supporting women in business or thinking of going into business in Leicestershire.

The programme consisted of training, (in business, personal and digital skills), coaching, and mentoring and culminated in a fabulous, inspirational Conference Day. This was attended by all the participants on the programme, as well as visitors and the team of skilled experts that helped to deliver the programme.

I had no hesitation in asking Valerie to be part of the delivery team, and the sessions that she delivered, both at the Conference and as part of a group mentoring day, made a real impact with participants. She helped them to gain real clarity and focus on their vision, as well as providing invaluable insights into what it takes to succeed in business.

Thank you Valerie!”

Several women entrepreneurs on the programme, both start ups and established businesses, signed up for One-on-one Kickstart Forward Coaching and Mentoring sessions together, here’s what the lovely Tasneem Dakri of v:gd , producers of the most delicious and popular raw food desserts, suitable for vegans and gluten-free, that are now available at quality food events, farmers markets, delicatessens, food retailers, coffee and tea rooms and attracting a huge fan base said in her feedback:

“I was not sure what to expect but I am very pleased with the outcome. Valerie is fantastic, very focused. She knows her job and she has the real life experience to back her knowledge. Very informative and gave me direction. I am focused on my Vision to move my business forward. Extremely valuable. I feel honoured and gifted to work with Valerie. Thank you Valerie!”

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LATEST NEWS!! Globally Operating UK Serial #Entrepreneur, Entrepreneur #Coach and #Mentor, Keynote #Speaker and #Author of #book ‘Woman Power: Strategies for Female Leaders’, Valerie Dwyer FRSA, Creator of the Holistic and #Strategic Vital #Vision™ Programmes for Creating the Life and Business You REALLY Want Delighted to be Invited! To Join the Advisory Board of Global #Leadership Organisation Sit At The (Boardroom) Table

May 1, 2016





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LATEST NEWS!! Globally Operating UK Serial #Entrepreneur, Entrepreneur #Coach and #Mentor, Keynote #Speaker and #Author of #book ‘Woman Power: Strategies for Female Leaders’, Valerie Dwyer FRSA, Creator of the Holistic and #Strategic Vital #Vision™ Programmes for Creating the Life and Business You REALLY Want Delighted to be Invited! To Join the Advisory Board of Global #Leadership Organisation Sit At The (Boardroom) Table

It is with the greatest pleasure and absolute delight that I can now reveal what has been a well kept secret.

I have accepted the invitation from global leadership organisation Sit At The Table (definitely The Boardroom Table) to join their Advisory Board.  This announcement  coincides with the launch of their fabulous  new website  #sitatthetable @sitatthetable  packed with amazing resources for women who currently are, or aspire to become,  a Board Member, Company Director, Non-Executive Director of any size of business or organisation AND it the site is also for Presidents, Chairmen, CEO’s and Head Hunters who want to encourage exceptional women to apply for their Boards.

Our Mission

To raise awareness and promote collaborative, competent and effective gender balance on advisory boards, board of directors and executive c-suite, empower more qualified women to take action, and drive the message of equality and efficacy into corporate boardrooms worldwide.


This is life-changing, world-changing and you can be a fundamental part of it SO – I invite you to join us…

UK based but globally operating, Award-winning Valerie Dwyer has a distinguished career as a Serial Entrepreneur, President, Chair, Director, Non-Executive Director and Board Member of a wide variety of organisation including Business, NGO, UK and Local Government Led body, Public and Private Sector, Business Representative Organisation, Non-Profit and Registered Charity where her input and strategic decision making has safeguarded and invested in excess of £1 billion in total.

A former advisor to the UK Government as a Member of the Women’s Enterprise Taskforce, charged with strategies for widening the opportunities for increasing the number of UK Women Entrepreneurs, she is delighted with their legacy which includes (this not exclusively,  because of the wealth of information amassed and also the positive ’knock-on’ effect that is now being realised with the exponential growth in the increasing number of new UK  women’s enterprises) the £25 million Aspire fund investing in women’s high growth potential enterprises.  Valerie is also a founder Member of the UK Women’s Enterprise Ambassadors, Chair of a Region Women’s Enterprise Ambassadors Group and Champion for the STAR PRIZE – Women’s Enterprise and Economic Development with a Regional Development Agency, recognising the huge untapped economic potential that is women’s enterprise.

Valerie’s #Vision, #Mission and Passion is a world in which equal numbers of men and women start and successfully grow their businesses and make up the Boards of all types of organisation. She firmly believes that a balance of male and female thinking, risk taking and decision making presents the optimum opportunity!

The wealth of irrefutable evidence gleaned from in depth global research confirms that ‘Fit for Purpose’ Boards of the 21st Century are ‘Gender Balanced Boards’ that make the best decisions and optimise opportunities for their organisations.

The new website is a mine of regularly updated valuable resources including Articles, Videos, Books (including the highly acclaimed global anthology  ‘Woman Power: Strategies for Female Leaders’ and  ‘The Confidence to Succeed’, plus upcoming Events, Blog and positively encourages viewing and engagement by both males and females in order to improve understanding of the exceptional global, economic, business, sustainability growth and success potential from achieving Gender Balanced Boards.

In no way is this about quotas. It is entirely about encouraging Presidents, Chairmen (and the Head Hunters for) of currently male dominated boards to consider the immense opportunities from encouraging astute, experienced and more than capable female entrepreneurs, businesswomen and senior managers to go confidently forward in applying to utilise their considerable expertise for the benefit of your Boards. And, if there are broken links in the chain, to consider setting up a Mentoring Programme to support the new generation of women with leadership potential. To miss this opportunity would be to overlook the significant competitive advantage that comes from being first into the new market niche!

LATEST:  NEWS TO FOLLOW : www.sitatthetable secures collaboration project with

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