COURAGE! CHANGE is the ONLY Way to Be, Do, Have, More Than You Currently Are…


And what stops us in our tracks? The dreaded #ComfortZone.


The Thing about #ComfortZone is This….

After the initial FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real), when you TAKE ACTION, as things begin to change, you experience a sense of relief (partly because you have made a decision and therefore removed uncertainty) and with that comes excitement, exhilaraton and #Success.

What’s the alternative? To be stuck. So Movement is essential. Better still, that this movement is directed – because whatever the situation, when you have an overall high level view (#VitalVision™) of EXACTLY where your ideal life lies, unseen forces as well as your own determination will ensure you get there.

Who am I to be saying this? Well as I recover from a serious head injury my passion for showing people, especially women entrepreneurs, how to get the life and business of their dreams only intensifies.

And having overcome significant, and I mean SIGNIFICANT, challenges every decade of my life,  including a Life threatening Pulmonary Embolism; more shattered Vertebrae than you can imagine; being paralysed after falling from the attic of a three storey building;  PTSD from a major road traffic accident; and more..BUT  I’ve still created 10 businesses of my own and helped over 30,000 others to start and grow theirs by revealing how with your own personal #VitalVision™  PLUS THE #SuccessStrategies that flow out of this and a BIG chunk of #Determination, #Belief and #Confidence – and possibly the Coaching and Mentoring helps too… that Everything IS Possible™ and I SO want to share the HOW…you can CREATE the Life and Business YOU REALLY WANT. I’m currently working on new digital ways to do this globally.

Recovering from this latest challenge, I had a great deal of time to reflect. I had already learned that Life is the most precious gift we each have – and there for the LIVING, not simply for the ride. When people ask me what scares me most, perhaps after I come off stage from giving a keynote on women’s enterprise or leadership in a global conference, or as someone did as I alighted from a micro helicopter after the most amazing flight out over the Southern Ocean over the 12 Apostles in South Australia, I say ‘If it doesn’t kill me, then nothing!’

So I thought I would share some Inspirational Quotes that are either my own and have helped many others already like the one above or those that inspire me like the one below, and I hope you find something you like well enough to share to help others….

This was me just having touched down after my flight over the Southern Ocean..and just look at some of the views from up there, the video footage is spectacular … next time,  I’ll share something amazing that happened in South Africa earlier this year…

Please feel free to comment and share…










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