Delighted to Partner B1G1! Business for Good – Buy1 Give1 Sustainable Global Goals Initiative


As a purpose-driven, heart-centred business transforming lives and businesses at My Wonderful Life Coach™ we are delighted to Partner B1G1! Business for Good – Buy1 Give1 – Sustainable Global Goals Initiative.

For every Programme we sell:- Clear Your Mind Clutter; Vital Vision™ Blueprint; Global Strategic Planning; Masterplanning; Mastermind; Destination Me™ Intensive; we fund and support the training of Social Entrepreneurs around the world in areas most needed to help them create sustainable futures for themselves, their families and their communities.

For every product we sell:- Wealth Dynamics Entrepreneur Profiling; Woman Power Strategies for Female Leaders book (when purchased from us direct); places at Vital Vision™ One Big Thing Workshops; we fund different Sustainable Global Projects delvered in Local Areas, from Children’s Education to Clean Fresh Water; Seeds, Plants and Trees, in communities where they make a vital impact and help create sustainablefutures….

We even think it worth recognising those who click ‘Open’ for our newsletters; respond to our emails; connect with us on social media and engage with us in other ways….

We have set specific goals. We recognise the people who are helping us to reach them and we hope that you will support our active and impactful efforts to create a ‘WonderfulWorld by donating to leverage our support, join us, spread the word.

B1G1 Business for GOOD  is GOOD for Everyone


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