10 Reasons Why You May Not Be Achieving Your #Vision

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10 Reasons Why You May Not Be Achieving Your #Vision

When achieving your #Vision is a struggle the fault may well lie in the process you used to create it, especially since there is a proven and powerful method that always works!

Here are 10 Reasons to get you thinking about taking a different approach. Remember, do things the way you’ve always done and you’ll get the results you always got. CHANGE is the only way to Be, Do and Have MORE…..

#1  Visualising on its own is NOT enough

#2  Vision boards alone are not enough

#3  Affirmations alone, or with vision boards, or visualising, are not enough

#4  Isolated #vision for a specific purpose but without the bigger #Holistic picture may not fit your life’s purpose

#5  The method by which you created your #vision is not the Real Deal and did NOT emerge from your Inner Spirit, Soul, Heart and Purpose Connections

#6  You have not set your #vision to work for you in your subconscious by turning on your brain’s #SuccessSatNAV to attract the exact opportunities, people and resources you need

#7  You did not do the essential pre-vision Creative Preparation Process


#8  You haven’t put in place the 3 Magic Steps To Success that make success inevitable

#9  You are not making yourself accountable to anyone

#10 Your vision is not aligned to your values so you have left open the door to self-sabotage and sabotage by others

Finally, you were not aware that your #VisionCompass™ is the Central Core of the Vital Vision Destination Me™ Programme  designed, developed, tested, perfected by Valerie Dwyer, My Wonderful Life Coach™ and proven globally with thousands of entrepreneurs and businesses over 20 years.

This is what Roger James Hamilton, Founder of the global Entrepreneurs Institute said:

Hands up whoever heard of this idea of creating a vision board.  Okay why is it that it often doesn’t work at the level we think it would work?

Well, Valerie has figured it out!  And she actually has a proven product called Destination Me™ which has at the heart of it something which is called her Vision Compass™.  Powerful because the Vision Compass gives you are really, really clear direction way beyond the picture of your vision itself.

And if you think that a Compass, it kind of looks like this and it’s got a big arrow and the first thing she does is she ..

The first step in the process is – Nourish your Spirit

And what this means is she’ll put you into an environment where you have music, movement, colour; where you have images but also inputs so you get inspired.  Spirit means Breath, so you are actually in a meditative state, tapping into where it is you are going.  Most people don’t get into that that state but we have got all these tools and once you allow this to happen you actually get into that space.

Step Two – Experience Your Vision

When this is where you go into this whole experience of where you’re sharing it, to yourself first of all, where you’re putting yourself in a really beautiful place, a Beach Club, a Retreat, but you can do it in your own home, creating this beautiful place where you internalise, then externalise, writing down, seeing what you’re feeling.  You’re seeing why you love this, more than this, at the same time, you are Wakening Your Soul

Step Three – Wakening Your Soul

You’re shutting down your mind and your Inner Critic so you are not allowed to speak, not allowed to be thinking things through from a logical point of view and saying why can’t happen, not listening to your small voice inside-so there are techniques we use so you can be apart of from that.  So you are shutting down your thoughts in a way that your Soul is actually opening and wakens so you’ve experienced your vision, wakened your Soul and that’s when the Power then comes in.  You then get to Speak Your Truth.

Step Four – Speak Your Truth

Speak your truth and you are speaking your truth to others who have already gone through the same process so they are already open to that as well, and then you co-create a future that is your future and their future as well.

And you remember this because the N for Nourish your Spirit and the E for Experience your Vision and the S for Speak Your Truth and the W for Wakening Your Soul give you your Compass – which then allows you to know your place, where you are heading and find your True North.

Find Out How To Get the Power of The Law of Attraction, The Secret and Cosmic Ordering Working for You in One Neat Package!

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Find Out How To Get the Power of The Law of Attraction, The Secret and Cosmic Ordering Working for You in One Neat Package!

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