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30 Seconds Is ALL It Takes To Discover Whats Blocking You!And Do Something About It! STOP RIGHT NOW! If You’re Not Prepared To Make The Positive Changes You Are Searching For!

November 1, 2018

30 Seconds? Is that really all it takes to find that elusive answer you are searching for?  You bet or I wouldn’t be sharing this. As a SUCCESS Coach I’m ALL about Transformation and Results and I absolutely know that this works if you are honest with you answers!

How many times can you blink your eyes in just 30 seconds? Well I don’t know but concentrating on that probably takes more effort than finding the answer you are looking for right now!

And it doesn’t matter who you are or where you are in your career or business right now. Being honest,from time to time we each have something blocking our wildest dreams – that’s life – whether we admit it or not, so You Are NOT Alone!

So here’s the bit you are still looking for….

What does this involve? Answering 8 Simple Questions

What Else? Provide your email address. Why? So you can receive your FREE Personalised Report based on your answers AND receive a further FREE GIFT – by the way did you already download your FREE #Bestseller #Book ‘Never In Your Wildest #Dreams’? If you didn’t, check it out in my previous Blog post.

Question is: Are you aware that your own mind is quietly planting beliefs, emotions and habits into you –

That ultimately poison your relationship with abundance and success?

My friend Natalie has created an ingenious way to help you reverse this unintentional self-sabotage by simply answering –

8 easy questions in under 30 secs

The questions in this 30-second quiz have been specifically designed to expose the No.1 ‘Success Blocker’ wedged deep in your subconscious mind.

Tens of thousands of people have experienced it.

And most – including yours truly – agree that the results are nothing short of eye-opening.

So – are you ready to discover what’s really keeping you financially (or otherwise) stuck where you are?

Begin now while the quiz is still available online. It will not be around much longer


P.S. You know those scenes in movies where a character unearths a vital secret, and everything suddenly makes sense for them?

That’s exactly the kind of rush you’ll get once you take this quiz. Really! Take it now:

Discover your personal Success Blocker in 30 secs.









WoW! ‘YOU ARE ENOUGH’! Is Brilliant! FREE #Experiential #Digital #Book Take Your First Step into Your Journey to Maintain #Self-Esteem and #Confidence Any Time – Every Time!

October 11, 2018

You Are Enough Book Cover

Wow! Bernadette Sarginson, you are on to a #winner here with your Spirit Level Success System – 6 Secrets of Self-Esteem

Just from working through your FREE ‘You Are Enough’ Digital Download that starts your journey into Secret #1 – I discovered new techniques – as well as those I already had – so that’s a BIG PLUS. It’s already #Amazing – then you revealed your new #book that youre busy editing is due out AND you’ve a #booklaunch planned!

I want to be there!! Tell me more!!

Nearly forgot #friends – get your copy of ‘You Are Enough right here



Spirit Level Success System logoBernadette Sarginson Spirit Level Success

Go On Then! Get it right now before you forget….

YOU ARE ENOUGH! FREE #Experiential #Digital #Book Take Your First Step into Your Journey to Develop and Maintain Self-Esteem and Confidence Any Time – Every Time! Get Your FREE Digital #Book here

We Are Always Just A Hair’s Breadth From #Success..Opportunities Disguised As Challenges….Keep Going! Never, Ever Give Up On Your #Dream…How?

August 29, 2018

#Vision #Believe #Achieve

We're Always Just A Hair's Breadth from Success

So How do You make Your Breakthrough?

Prepare to be Vulnerable.

Breakthroughs do not come from Strength and Power. You need the #Mindset #Belief #Attitude and #Trust to step forward out of your #ComfortZone

The best process for lasting transformation that opens up your Creativity as it recalibrates your Inner Vision Compass™ while it connects your Heart, Mind, Body and Spirit is to:

  • Clear Your Mind Clutter™
  • Create Your #Vital Vision™ Blueprint – Design the Life You Will Now Live
  • Switch on Your #SuccessSATNAV™
  • Stormproof Your #SuccessStrategies

And this all happens very quickly because the myriad of solutions and opportunities you seek are all around you but you do not yet see them – or know which are the right ones for you…after this transformation all becomes Carity, Focus and Direction – taking you straight to your destiny…

Find out more here…

Don’t take my work for it – click on the videos of #entrepreneurs who’ve had their own breakthroughs… and find out more….

Book a Discovery Strategy call with me – and never look back….



Why Get A #Mentor Who Has… Been There, Done That AND GOT SEVERAL T-shirts? No need to Reinvent The Wheel!

August 24, 2018

Simon Procter and Karl Lagerfeld

Simon Procter with Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel –

Why Get A #Mentor Who Has… Been There, Done That AND GOT SEVERAL T-shirts? No need to reinvent the wheel! As a VIP Private Client Mentor and SUCCESS Coach- currently also a VIP Mentor with global Entrepreneur’s Institute GeniusU – Valerie Dwyer contributed 10 Glorious years with The Prince’s Trust helping clarify the #Vision for young #Entrepreneurs like

Valerie Dwyer Champions Women's Coaching & Mentoring (C) Ursula Kelly Photography -please credit

PYBT Mentoring Certificate

Simon Procter was born in Lancashire, Northern England. He was raised in Royston a small mining village in  South Yorkshire. He studied Fine Art for many years specializing in painting and sculpture.

He is an influential photographer producing advertising for a wide range of high level clients including :Chanel, Dior, Nike, Reebok, Speedo, Adidas, Nokia, Hastens, Marriott, Mont Blanc, Falke.

Since his debut exhibition in Miami Basel in 2008 Simon Procter has become one of the most collectable photographers of his generation. His artwork is held in prestigious collections and museums worldwide.

In 2015 Simon founded  Orcadia Film, a cinema production company.

Simon lives between Paris, New York and a farmhouse in northern France

Why Get A #Mentor Who Has… Been There, Done That AND GOT SEVERAL T-shirts? No need to reinvent the wheel! As a VIP Private Client Mentor and SUCCESS Coach- currently also a VIP Mentor with global Entrepreneur’s Institute GeniusU – and 10 Glorious years with The Prince’s Trust helping clarify the #Vision for young #Entrepreneurs like

I share my passion and experience from creating, promoting, building and selling not one business – but 10…. in the process of helping thousands of other entrepreneurs to their own success.

No matter how long you have been an #entrepreneur or in business or leading any organisation I’ll show you the Power of Vision to Create the World You REALLY Want!

I’ll show you How to get from Stuck to SuperSUCCESS using my proven 3 Key Steps to SUCCESS.

I’ll show you How to find and value and capitalise on the Golden Nuggets in your life and your business that you are overlooking every day.

AND the Major Key to this system – I’ll not only show you How to Switch On Your Success Satnav! we will Activate it together….

Connect with me to find out more… that’s part of your challenge! Want real and lasting change? Want Success at last? Then come find me….

If not you, who?

If not now, when?


#Changeyourlife with The Destination Me™ 5 Steps to Success System

August 8, 2018

template-6-36228421506412134-largeFor a Limited Time Get FREE Access – (New BETA Programme) – To The Destination Me 5 Steps to SUCCESS System to Change Your Life – from My Wonderful Life Coach™ Valerie Dwyer SUCCESS Coach and Mentor

Step #1 Clear Your Mind Clutter (and sort out that physical mess too!)

Go here and join us to get your digital copy for Step #1 and to receive the follow on steps, videos and materials and join our online community

Remember – COURAGE! CHANGE is the ONLY way to Be, Do, Have More….



How To… Create and Start Living The Life You Love, Beginning Today, Using the Powerful Proven 3 Key Steps to Success of Destination Me™ – “Everything Is ‘Possible’, But First You Must Clearly “See” What You Want With Your Heart, Mind, Body And Spirit” Valerie Dwyer My Wonderful Life Coach™ #quote

July 12, 2018

How To… Create and Start Living The Life You Love, Beginning Today, Using the Powerful Proven 3 Key Steps to Success of Destination Me

“Everything Is ‘Possible’, But First You Must Clearly “See” What You Want With Your Heart, Mind, Body And Spirit” 

Valerie Dwyer My Wonderful Life Coach™ #quote


You Have Known Success….But Now You Are Stuck or Ready for Change

If you have reached the point where you are FINALLY READY to have the life you REALLY, TRULY WANT AND DESIRE….and are prepared to MAKE CHANGES read on now…..

How would it be if you had a SUBCONSCIOUS SUCCESS SATNAV™ AND an INNER VISION COMPASS™ – to set your life’s Purpose(Why) and Destination then help guide you on your journey? Well here’s the Good News! YOU ALREADY HAVE! And if you are not there yet then you need someone with special secret knowledge to show how you switch them on!

Everything begins with #Vision….. How on earth do you think that mankind managed the extraordinary feat of putting a man on the moon? Come to that, what about the mobile phone in your pocket? Both these achievements began with the idea of one person having a Dream, a Vision that gradually became a series of Goals then Shared Goals, Targets and Deadlines – where everyone knew what they were working towards together…

On a different scale, everything around you that has been manufactured began in a similar way, with one person or a small team having an idea for something new, an innovation, but before you can make anything you need to know what it looks like in the greatest detail so that it is made right.

Take this further and you know that Vision is not only about ‘things’ but also very much about people.  People generate ideas or have dreams for everything: businesses, organisations, schools, systems, processes and movements. Charismatic leaders and entrepreneurs with a Vision they firmly believe in will achieve the seemingly impossible.

Over 20 years I have helped thousands of entrepreneurs, leaders and businesses to achieve the thriving and abundant life and business of their own desire and design through working these following 3 Key Steps to Success in the right order and it worked EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Spin offs from Clients reconnecting with their Inner Vision Compass and True Purpose through my holistic transformational programme have included major confidence and business boosts leading to new businesses launched; Best Selling books written AND published within 30 days; target busting national Charities launched; Global launches across the world of existing projects and products that had SO much more potential; Client major Awards Wins, invitations to present programmes on Television and to speak on global stages at major conferences. Client videos are testimony to the success of the Powerful Proven 3 Key Steps to Success of Destination Me

Which comes first? The How, Who, Why, What, Where or When?

No doubt at all it is the What! Before we can discover the rest we need to know the What. What is your Vision? Once you have this, and the Clarity, Focus and Direction it brings, the rest slips into place, beginning with your Purpose – your Why. However, before you can even begin to work on your Vision, there’s a major step to take.

Step #1 Clear Your Mind Clutter


Before you can connect or reconnect with your Vision, you need space. Space to imagine, space to Dream, space to Move. Just as ancient Chinese wisdom says that you cannot pour more into a cup that is already full, you also cannot create or reconnect with your Vision while you have a Cluttered Mind. There is work that you need to do first, on both yourself and your environment also if that is cluttered too!

I wholeheartedly recommend that you learn to meditate if you do not yet. Changing your state from busy Beta to slower paced Alpha or Theta is essential for this whole sequence of work that will open up your mind, clear space, enable you to access your Creative Right Brain to create your Vital Vision™ Blueprint and embed it impactfully then Stormproof Your Success Strategies

The ebook of the same name takes you fully through your ‘Clear Your Mind Clutter’™ process which you do at your own pace. Guidelines are included for preparing the right environment in readiness for Step #2


Step #2 Create Your Vital Vision™ Blueprint

The impactful Holistic Vital Vision™ Blueprint is at the Core of this life changing programme, where transformation takes place, dreams materialise, lightbulb moments happen, energy and vibrations raise and shifts take place. Side effects include a noticeable increase in Courage and Confidence as you discover the elusive Clarity, Focus and Direction you have been seeking for your life.

You step out of your comfort zone just for a while, the ONLY way true change can happen, but you are in safe hands. Thousands of entrepreneurs have been here before you and are now living their own ‘Wonderful Life’

Values are critical to the success of achieving your Vital Vision™ Blueprint and in the programme I explain why and how to overcome potential sabotage, one reason why so many attempts by people using vision boards tends to fail.

In this key step I have devised tactics to close down your Inner Critic and move you out of your head and left brain logic to empower your creative right brain to deliver your vision as you unite your heart, mind, body and spirit.

As you reconnect with your Inner Vision Compass™ you will Experience Your Vision, Nourish Your Spirit, Waken Your Soul and Speak Your Truth

Vital Vision Compass - 10 04 17 3 (2)


With your Subconscious Success SATNAV™ now switched on and working for you 24/7 on getting your Vital Vision™ Blueprint fulfilled there will be no stopping you on your journey to living the life YOU have designed….

Step #3 Stormproof Your Success Strategies™

Step #3 takes your vision towards Action – Right Action to be correct. Instead of continually reacting to what life or others throw at you, you are now in control and proactive.  Not only do you have a clear destination but also we S.W.O.T. out your Topline Success Strategies as we ‘Name and Shame Your Obstacles’ and ‘Befriend Your Resources’ then align your focus and priorities, bringing in the How, Who, Where and When to give you your Next Steps Forward from this session! Clients have gone away from this final step with their new Business and Marketing Strategies already laid out and achieved many of their objectives within the first 90 days, some even sooner!

 Find Your Level Live in Flow


What’s Next?

While writing this article I am part way through an experiment to develop an online programme to help many thousands more entrepreneurs across the world so much sooner.

This experiment, my Visioneering Self-Discovery Adventure Groups have had new materials developed as well as proven existing resources and materials updated. Having always resisted taking this programme online I was delighted to have the breakthrough that this does work online as powerfully and successfully as live sessions.



Someone thousands of miles away on a small Caribbean island has successfully learned to meditate in a short one week course to prepare her for the programme and then gone through her 3 Key Steps to Success of Destination Me resulting in some ‘Lightbulb Moments’; a clear vision, a revelation that one of her major threats was in fact a huge opportunity – and I will shortly be able to publish the results! I Love my work!


The book, featuring more detail of the process, Case Studies and access to online community and resources is evolving and more to follow about that.

Like to know more? Connect with me on Twitter, Like and Follow on Facebook, Click to Follow my Blog.

Want help? Visit and book a 30 minute Strategy/Discovery Session. You will need to answer a few short questions in order to qualify

Hope that you gain some useful insight from this article. Feel free to comment and connect. Have a #Wonderful Life!

UPDATE & Solution WARNING!! For 10 Reasons Why You May Not Be Achieving Your #Vision

February 16, 2018

Vital Vision Compass - 10 04 17 3 (2)

UPDATE & Solution Warning!! For 10 Reasons Why You May Not Be Achieving Your #Vision

WARNING: READ THIS CAREFULLY Before you read on to where I reveal The Solution –

The Solution – for 10 Reasons Why You May Not Be Achieving Your #Vision  – is a POWERFUL #Live, interactive and life changing immersive experience using a tried, tested and proven unique combination of modalities You MAY be taken out of your Comfort Zone (this is the ONLY way true change and the creation of something entirely NEW can happen) however you will be in a safe environment. There will be a raising of your #Vibration and exchanges of #Energy. What you discover will be yours for your lifetime, embedded in your subconscious, with tools and techniques to revisit wherever and whenever you choose as your life and business move on!

Because the Solution and its potential are so Powerful, this is not for everyone. In fact, there is a stringent vetting process.

Earlier I said “When achieving your #Vision is a struggle the fault may well lie in the process you used to create it, especially since there is a proven and powerful method that always works!

Here are 10 Reasons to get you thinking about taking a different approach. Remember, do things the way you’ve always done and you’ll get the results you always got. CHANGE is the only way to Be, Do and Have MORE…..

#1  Visualising on its own is NOT enough

#2  Vision boards alone are not enough

#3  Affirmations alone, or with vision boards, or visualising, are not enough

#4  Isolated #vision for a specific purpose but without the bigger #Holistic picture may not fit your true life’s purpose

#5  The method by which you created your #vision is not the Real Deal and did NOT emerge from your Inner Spirit, Soul, Heart and Purpose Connections

#6  You have not set your #vision to work for you in your subconscious by turning on your  #SuccessSatNAV™ to attract the exact opportunities, people and resources you need to succeed

#7  You did not do the essential pre-vision Creative Preparation Process (ebook cover)


#8  You haven’t put in place the Destination Me™ 3 Magic Steps To Success that make success inevitable

#9  You are not making yourself accountable to anyone

#10 Your vision is not aligned to your values so you have left open the door to self-sabotage and sabotage by others

Finally, you were not aware that your #VisionCompass™ is the Central Core of the Vital Vision Destination Me™ Programme  designed, developed, tested, perfected by Valerie Dwyer, My Wonderful Life Coach™ and proven globally with thousands of entrepreneurs and businesses over 20 years.

This is what Roger James Hamilton, Founder of the global Entrepreneurs Institute said:

“Hands up whoever heard of this idea of creating a vision board.  Okay why is it that it often doesn’t work at the level we think it would work?

Well, Valerie has figured it out!  And she actually has a proven product called Destination Me™ which has at the heart of it something which is called her Vision Compass™.  Powerful because the Vision Compass gives you are really, really clear direction way beyond the picture of your vision itself.

And if you think that a Compass, it kind of looks like this and it’s got a big arrow and the first thing she does is she ..

The first step in the process is – Nourish your Spirit

And what this means is she’ll put you into an environment where you have music, movement, colour; where you have images but also inputs so you get inspired.  Spirit means Breath, so you are actually in a meditative state, tapping into where it is you are going.  Most people don’t get into that that state but we have got all these tools and once you allow this to happen you actually get into that space.

Step Two – Experience Your Vision

When this is where you go into this whole experience of where you’re sharing it, to yourself first of all, where you’re putting yourself in a really beautiful place, a Beach Club, a Retreat, but you can do it in your own home, creating this beautiful place where you internalise, then externalise, writing down, seeing what you’re feeling.  You’re seeing why you love this, more than this, at the same time, you are Wakening Your Soul

Step Three – Wakening Your Soul

You’re shutting down your mind and your Inner Critic so you are not allowed to speak, not allowed to be thinking things through from a logical point of view and saying why can’t happen, not listening to your small voice inside-so there are techniques we use so you can be apart of from that.  So you are shutting down your thoughts in a way that your Soul is actually opening and wakens so you’ve experienced your vision, wakened your Soul and that’s when the Power then comes in.  You then get to Speak Your Truth.

Step Four – Speak Your Truth

Speak your truth and you are speaking your truth to others who have already gone through the same process so they are already open to that as well, and then you co-create a future that is your future and their future as well”.

And you remember this because the N for Nourish your Spirit and the E for Experience your Vision and the S for Speak Your Truth and the W for Wakening Your Soul give you your Compass – which then allows you to know your place, where you are heading and find your True North.

Find out more by connecting with Valerie through where you will find her Blog or email

Find Valerie on Linked In: Twitter: @valeriedwyer

FB: valeriedwyerA1

As I said at the beginning -The Solution Comes With A Warning!!

This is NOT a Course! This is NOT an Education Programme! This is NOT something you can decide to do on a whim and then don’t take Action!


This is a POWERFUL #Live, interactive and life changing immersive experience using a tried, tested and proven unique combination of modalities You MAY be taken out of your Comfort Zone (this is the ONLY way true change and the creation of something entirely NEW can happen) however you will be in a safe environment. There will be a raising of your #Vibration and exchanges of #Energy. What you discover will be yours for your lifetime, embedded in your subconscious, with tools and techniques to revisit wherever and whenever you choose as your life and business move on!

Among the many comments Clients have said:

  • “WoW! That’s added Rocketfuel!”
  • Incredible! I can’t believe how quickly things began to change for me”
  • Amazed at the speed with which new opportunities presented themselves to me”
  • Was stuck and blocked but you are the Angel sent to get me out of here!!”
  • “I’ve had so many lightbulb moments!”
  • “At last, I can see exactly where I am going!”



Have a #Wonderful, Magical and Merry #Entrepreneurs Christmas + My Calming Gift Awaits You

December 21, 2017

Christmas Greeting 2017 My Wonderful Life Coach


Have a #Wonderful, Magical and Merry Christmas for You and Yours.

Should it all get a bit too much or indeed for any reason you need to clear your head during or after the festivities pop over to My Wonderful Life Coach

There you’ll find the opportunity to get your copy of my ‘Clear Your Mind Clutter’ ebook, written especially for #Women #Entrepreneurs.


By joining our community you’ll receive latest updates, invitations, resources, special offers and opportunities in a like minded community to help you on life’s journey to the life and business  you REALLY love – beginning early in 2018….but don’t wait until then of course – get your ebook now – straight to your inbox….and

Look forward to seeing you there….

Have a #Wonderful, Magical Merry Christmas,


Valerie 🙂 xx


#1000Women ! Delighted To Be Invited To Share My Story!! Booking Now Open! Join Me, Valerie Dwyer, My Wonderful Life Coach™ Live Online with Wendy Kier and 15 Professional Women Speakers, 2nd – 6th October 2017!

September 14, 2017

Virtual Speaking Professionals registration flyer 14 09 17

Woman Entrepreneurs: Do you want to use speaking to grow your business but don’t know where to start? Join #1000Women Now!

Delighted To Be Invited To Share My Story!! Booking Now Open! Join Me, Valerie Dwyer, My Wonderful Life Coach™ Live Online with Wendy Kier and 15 Professional Women Speakers sharing a wealth of experience, tips, advice and success stories 2nd – 6th October 2017! Check it out Now!

Here’s the heads up! Get in early with a chance to connect with me and 14 other professional women speakers for the lowdown on how to get started and succeed in growing your business through speaking. I’ll share how speaking has grown my business globally, give you some great mindset tips and tools then question me in  the Q&A on Friday 6th October 2017 from 10.00am – 11.00am when I present in Wendy Kier’s spectacular online Virtual Speaking Professionals Summit.

Save the Dates and  Register Now!


Never Give Up On Your Dream

The Thing About #ComfortZone is This…

Looking forward to sharing with you my #SpeakingSuccessSecrets&Strategies and answering your questions

➡️ Are you struggling to attract an audience and get new clients?

➡️ Maybe you have had a little bit of success using speaking to grow your business and want more?

➡️ Or perhaps you stuck in the feast and famine cycle and trading time for money?

Find out from 15 women, just like you, how to grow your business by speaking online.


🎟️Get your FREE ticket HERE 🎟️

Get the knowledge, skills and confidence to help you turn an engaged online audience into raving fans and clients.

✅ Join the Masterclasses LIVE and ask all the questions you need to help YOUR business grow.

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✅ Discover the low-cost tools you need to make your online speaking a success.

✅ Learn new soft and hard skills that you can put into practice straightaway to grow your customer base.

✅ Choose from 15 LIVE Awesome Speakers’ Masterclasses Over Five Days.

✅ 100% Free, No Travel, No Expensive Hotel Bills or No Time Away from the Family.

Connect with me. Follow my Linked In Profile for some of my many global #SerialEntrepreneur #WomensLeadership #Speakingengagements. Don’t miss any  announcements – follow me on twitter @valeriedwyer & Valerie on FB

Looking forward to connecting with you on the inside. When booking is full – that’s it SO  Register now. Be sure to Catch me – Friday 6th October 2017 – 10.00am to 11.00am – I’ll see you then….


#Wonderful Christmas and Abundant, Happy and Healthy New Year!

December 23, 2016


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