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TODAY! Your Biggest Adventure Is To LIVE the LIFE of Your DREAMS! #Appreciate

September 27, 2016


TODAY is the BEST Day Ever! #Appreciate

For you TODAY is Packed with choices, #potential, #adventure and #opportunity to happily LIVE the Life You REALLY Want…

All challenges can be overcome…you just need to know how…

What will you do today and how will you be?  How will you detect and accept what is absolutely right for you or change what no longer serves you?

YOU are Alive! Everything that you want and need therefore is both within you and offered to you. It is abundant around you – but do you see or even recognise it as being powerful for you? I will show you the way…

To bring your dreams alive, you need to take action. Before you take action you need to be clear on your destination. Create your clear #Vision, that is your unstoppable way forward. Start afresh with a blank sheet and create your future. Take what time it needs for it is the Most #Valuable and #Powerful Work you can do for yourself today….

Connect with me to know HOW you do this….



I’m SO Excited! I Just Can’t Hide It! Michele Walsh (AKA Launches The BIG Shift Book! GET your FREE Download Here TODAY!

June 9, 2016

I’m SO Excited! I Just Can’t Hide It! Michele Walsh (AKA Launches The BIG Shift Book!

Feeling SO very proud to have been a part of this journey!

Valarie Dwyer & Michelle Walsh Copyright Ursula Kelly Photography -please credit.jpg  Michele Walsh Big Shift 7 Secretes to Success Photo      The Big Shift Book Cover

Less than 6 months since she went through her Vital Vision™ Blueprint Creation process with me, to shape up her future, the already hugely successful and my Wonderful Woman Client Michele Walsh launches her The BIG Shift Book AND offers YOU a VIP Special to download your copy FREE!  here

I couldn’t resist sharing this with you. Be sure to register for your time limited opportunity – TODAY ONLY!!!!

Seeking any kind of shift in your life, business or career, check this out now –

It’s only incredibly less than 6 months since Michele experienced her Vital Vision™ Blueprint Creation Process with me. One result of having her new Vision meant that her desire to write and publish her first book became very clear and I was able to connect Michele with another amazing friend, ‘Wonderful Woman’ Sophie Bennett, Founder of the Millionaire Author Academy , (Check this out if you have a dream to write your book!) Author of ‘Money Bondage and valued member of my ‘Woman Power Dream Team™’.

It will come as no surprise to you then that I believe ‘Everything is Possible!’ (and that’s a whole ‘nother story from my own incredible life experiences where I learned that #lifeisnotarehearsal!)

I just knew that by connecting this amazing aspiring Author with the best Writer’s Coach I know, these two would hit it off together and that something dynamic would result!! So, go ahead and help yourself. Register for your FREE copy now – This is TOO Good to miss out!

If you’ve a desire to discover and live your dream life, get in touch with me and we will see what’s possible for YOU!

JUST GET ON WITH IT! A CARING, COMPASSIONATE KICK UP THE ASS! by Ali Campbell, Hay House, Reviewed by Valerie Dwyer – Serial Entrepreneur, Coach, Mentor, Inspirational Speaker, founder of My Wonderful Life Coach™, Everything is Possible™, and other enterprises

December 2, 2010

Just Get on with it

Just Get on with it


Just Get on With It! really is what it says on the cover – A Caring Compassionate Kick Up The Ass! No more procrastination or excuses. Want to turn your life around? Then begin!

Get my full review for this and other inspirational and motivational books at

Refreshingly, Ali Campbell, ‘Mr Fix It’ to celebrities, business leaders and even royalty, makes it clear that he does not provide within this book all the (coaching and other) answers that we seek in order to live a fulfilled life.  However, more importantly and with guidance, he shows us how to recognise, reconnect with, trust and harness a power that many have lost touch with, possibly the most valuable resource in the universe embedded deep within us, our gut feeling, intuition, call it what you will.  

          Ali is keen to point out that ‘this is not a fluffy or typically touchy-feely type of coaching book’ but a collection of lessons and learnings gathered together from clients, books, teachers, trainers, therapists and his own journey trying to stay ‘positive’ growing up in one of the most cynical (yet wonderfully caring) places on earth.   Despite this, or perhaps even because of it, Ali brings alive the idea of ‘effortless effort’.  Although the material is not entirely new, the approach is!  Well worth the read, highly recommended


START-UP SMART–How to start and build a successful business on a budget – Robin Bennett – Reviewed by Valerie Dwyer – Serial Entrepreneur, Coach, Mentor, Inspirational Speaker, founder of My Wonderful Life Coach™, Everything is Possible™,

August 23, 2010




“Entrepreneurship is, for the most part, a thoroughly enjoyable activity….you can have as many separate businesses as you like….read the book for the rest of this quote, but as a confirmed ‘serial entrepreneur’  that I have to say I’m delighted! AT LAST! Someone is saying to start-ups that it’s OK to begin more than one business, that it has fun moments and Robin is also showing how it can be done on a low budget. People know that I’ve been saying it for years but in print it’s still a breakthrough!     The brief background on Robin’s entrepreneurial career (many similarities to mine, including we both have over 20 years entrepreneurial experience and shadowed millionaire entrepreneurs in the early days, which provided exceptional learning opportunities for us!) makes a fascinating read before pitching straight into the logical process peppered with useful streetwise advice – and keep reading because there are more pleasant surprises to come – if you’re serious about having a go at business for yourself.

Robin’s aim is to keep you on the right path (legally and otherwise), so the humorous angle running through is appreciated. Serious and sometimes tough topics include negotiating….

YOUR COMPANY ON A PLATE! The great ending to START-UP SMART is Robin’s basic outline example of a model start up company to earn you £50,000 year 1 and £100,000 year 2, complete with cashflow and balance sheet forecasts plus blank Business Plan pages to write your own. You can adapt these in any way you desire. If Robin can do the serial entrepreneur bit, so can you. What’s more he wants to help you to and has set up The Start-Up Smart Competition for under £5,000 business start-up ideas from 18-30 year olds in the UK. Winners announced November 2010. More at

  So what’s stopping you? If you’ve read the book – go there right now! If not, buy START-UP SMART now!  Added value insight to the serial entrepreneur mind & how you too can do it! Highly Recommended

POWERFUL STUFF! VITAL CONVERSATIONS Making the Impossible Conversation Possible by Alec Grimsley book review Valerie Dwyer

June 15, 2010

Making the Impossible Conversation Possible


VITAL (for VITAL also read ‘DIFFICULT’) CONVERSATIONS takes you on an important self-development journey to hone your skills for business and life! Your destination is THIRD GENERATION THINKING. The Ultimate Key to Success? You decide.  His introduction, ‘How to get the most out of this book’, tells you that Alec Grimsley means business! His explanation of why we all avoid Vital Conversations and a look at the cost of so doing are thought generators! An old and key business message in a new environment is the value of ‘preparation, preparation, preparation’! How often do people have all the necessary knowledge, understanding and preparation under their belt before taking on their most difficult conversations? If they don’t how on earth do they gain it? Well, read the book, find out! 

   Billed as “A new and practical approach for identifying, preparing and engaging in those difficult but “must have” conversations including sensitive issues; major decisions, inappropriate behaviour and giving bad news (even as a practising Coach I found much more) VITAL CONVERSATIONS lives up to the promise.

   Powerful content this – the ‘mental software upgrade’ to help you gain a significant and substantial improvement in the effectiveness of those ‘Vital Conversations’ everyone finds it difficult to deal with.  Peppered with common sense, the over-riding purpose succeeds …read my full review here:

CONGRATULATIONS!Nikki Sharpe Wins Extraordinary Women Awards, Extraordinary Personal Contribution 2010

May 19, 2010

Nikki Sharpe, Winner Extraordinary Women Personal Contribution 2010, founder of Youth Can Achieve

CONGRATULATIONS! Nikki Sharpe winner of Extraordinary Women Awards, Extraordinary Personal Contribution 2010.

Nikki is the inspirational and entrepreneurial founder of social entreprise  ‘Youth Can Achieve’ helping disaffected youngsters to achieve more in their lives. Nikki is also a Personal Injury Lawyer with Thompson’s Law.

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