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Change The World? Then Join Me For Transforming Nations Online Summit Opening Ceremony Thurday 9th November

November 7, 2017

GIFEW 2017 Opening Ceremony image

Change The World? Then Join this Transformational Summit Opening Ceremony Thurday 9th November.

As a female changemaker, working with my Holistic #VitalVisionBlueprint™ and Destination Me™ Life, Business and World Changing Programmes,  I wanted to share with you an amazing opportunity that I’m taking part in, and I would love for you to join me.

The Global Institute for Extraordinary Women (GIFEW) has just launched the Global Social Change Summit 2017 – Transforming Nations.  It’s a global online and multi-sensory summit which is bringing together over 25 transformation leaders from around the world all speaking on the topic of transforming nations the week of 13th November.

Here are a few examples of speakers that I can’t wait to hear from:

  • Three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Scilla Elworthy
  • An expert on the evolution of human consciousness,Richard Barrett
  • The founder of Project Heaven on Earth, Martin Rutte
  • Author of Sacred America, Sacred World, Steve Dinan
  • The world’s number 1 authority on intention, spirituality, and the new science, Lynne McTaggart
  • The Founder of the Soul of Money Institute, Lynne Twist

Click here for more info

The summit will help you gain the practical knowledge and skills you need to be a catalyst for societal transformation at the level of nation.

 Over five days you will:

  • Learn from world class change makers and experts how to maximise your time and energy on doing the right things.
  • Connect with other female change makers who are part of the constellation of women transforming society.
  • Upgrade your knowledge and skills with the latest of what’s happening in the world of societal transformation.
  • Make an impact with best practice on how to tackle current societal issues.


Join me and women from around the world. Be a change maker. Our time is now.


Valerie x

Managing Conflict At Work, Johnson & Keddy, reviewed by Valerie Dwyer, Serial Entrepreneur, Coach, Mentor,founder My Wonderful Life Coach(tm)

November 15, 2010

Conflict Prevention, is most definitely much better than cure when it comes to conflict management! Full review:

Managing Conflict at Work

Managing Conflict at Work

Managing conflict is a key strategic issue that needs to be globally recognised as the responsibility of all leaders and managers, within and (despite the title reference to ‘work’) outside of commerce.  A wider understanding by individuals would reduce the substantial costs in time, energy, resources and money to business, communities, countries and continents and subsequent toll on people.

 What could be better than the opportunity to be guided through the whole process by two experts in this field?  In this one handy tome, Clive Johnson, a coach, consultant and trainer in workplace conflict management and Jackie Keddy, a high level mediator and conflict specialist, present all you need to know about preventing and sorting out disputes, disagreements and conflicts, including those with potential for high level escalation….read full review

 £400 billion UK total costs and approaching $300 billion in litigation alone are the ball park figures

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