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Message to all Entrepreneurs at every stage- Don’t You Quit! We’re always just a hair’s breadth from #Success

May 14, 2015

Looking forward to joining Evan Carmichael ( yet again today 14th May 2015 12.30-1.30pm EST/EDT = 5.30 UK GMT/BST toDon't You Quit!day, at his invitation, for his monthly Entrepreneurs Twitter Chat #DellSMBChat on the theme of Don’t Quit. (Feel free to join in)  So I have posted this for anyone on the line – and elsewhere – who could use a little encouragement. This rhyme has been an inspiration for me that kept me going when times were tough and fired my determination to keep going. Many times I have experienced the #Success that comes from keeping going long after others around me quit…

I am also delighted to have made it into the distinguished company of Evan’s lists of the Top 100 Coaches on Twitter.

Remember these:-

1. We’re always just a hair’s breadth from #Success -so #Believe and keep going!

2. CHANGE is the ONLY way to be, do, have, more than we currently are. Lead that Change. #IMAGINE your BEST POSSIBLE Life and Go for it!

3. The thing about Comfort Zone is this. Once we firmly decide to major step outside, after initial fear, come excitement, exhilaration #Success.

4. When you decide quit! Stop, take a breather, recall your #Vision, and Congratulate! yourself for how far you have come and give it ONE MORE GO!

To YOUR #Success


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