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BEAT THE BANKS! by Jasmine Birtles Valeri Dwyer Book Review

June 14, 2010

Jasmine Birtles, author of Beat the Banks!

Jasmine Birtles, founder, author Beat the Banks!

POWERFUL STUFF THIS – YOUR BEST INVESTMENT OF THE YEAR! Beat the Banks is the handbook to help you ‘beat the system’ – legally! One of the few books I’ve read within just a couple of days, couldn’t stop. It’s like the thriller where you can’t wait to see the end.

   The anticipation of doing the best, certainly much better with, your hard-earned cash and there’s no disappointment but a huge reward for seeing it through as quickly as you can – whether it is confirmation that all you’re doing with your money is right, optimum return, or opening up new and unexplored vistas for you that you can trust and dip your toe gently in!  With current campaigns going the rounds on the needs to improve financial education, Beat the Banks no-nonsense walkthrough the basics and rules is highly recommended reading. Read my full review at

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