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WORKING 5 TO 9 by founder Emma Jones reviewed by Valerie Dwyer – book delivers!

June 17, 2010

We’re talking SERIOUS BUSINESS here! A great book to recommend to anyone who is interested in starting or making more of their spare time – in business.  Don’t ever let anyone tell you that spare time (or home based for that matter) business isn’t serious! (for serious read IMPORTANT, VITAL for you, your family, community and UK plc)! DECLARE an interest? You bet! As a reviewer of Spare Room Start Up, the ‘thriller’ first enterprise book from Enterprise Nation founder Emma Jones, I anticipated ‘Working 5 to 9’ being an inspiring, invaluable and practical guide to starting and growing a successful spare time business with the potential to take over your life! It lives up to expectations.  

Working 5 to 9 How to start a successful business in your spare time

Working 5 to 9 How to start a successful business in your spare time

  Yes, learn from the wealth of experience and resources packed into 250 pages, go into ACTION, you’ll jump start your new venture. Those of us who’ve been there can still learn a thing or three!

    In a job but not sure for how much longer? Want to pursue a passion, hobby or skill for light relief and extra income? Dream of becoming your own boss but not quite sure where to start. Or already out there operating your business for a while? Want spare time to be full time? Then read on! As a serial entrepreneur whose first spare time businesses successfully fledged, I can confirm that with enough determination and the know-how and know-who then “Everything is Possible™”

    Packed with 50 or so real-life case studies of 5 to 9ers, of all ages, with start up funding in many cases of less than £500 which was quickly recouped from sales income, Working 5 to 9 blows the myth out of the water that every new business needs £thousands to get off the ground. We are still talking SERIOUS BUSINESSES here! Big Oak Trees from Little Acorns Grow with a little help from their friends! Read my full review at

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