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I LOVE this Quiz! Short and Sweet 30 Seconds to Shine a Light on Your Subconscious and Stifle Your Success Blockers!

October 21, 2017

Short and Sweet Quiz – Shine a Spotlight on Your Subconscious and Stifle Your Success Blockers!

No matter how happy and successful you are, if you’ve even an inkling that there’s still something missing (or not) have 30 Seconds of FUN! with this enlightening little Quiz!

Why do some people have it all,  while others stumble and fall?

Hint: The answer begins in your childhood, and stays inside you for the rest of your life.

Take this 30-second quiz, and discover the inner
Success Blockers silently sabotaging your wealth
and success

CHANGE IS IN THE AIR! Time to revive, renew, restart! Sorting my library reveals my life! Surprise! Some now for sale!

September 1, 2010

Brilliant books on Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Vision, Management, Marketing, PR, Communications, Body Language, Sustainability, Stock Market Investing,  Time Management, Re-Inventing the Corporation,  Luck Factor, Rich Dad (NOT mine, came from nowhere and nothing but this one’s advice is priceless!) by Entrepreneurial Millionaires, Management Gurus, Mumpreneurs from today but also including the classics – Charles Handy, Robert Heller, Tom Peters, Sir John Harvey-Jones, Lee Iacocca, and much, much more….

Whatever stage you’re at, student, start-up, established, the advice in these pages is priceless!! Some brand new & some are collectables now! There’s only one of each so Visit my bookshop, bag your bargain now

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