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PLAY YOUR BRAIN, Adopt a Musical Mindset and Change Your Life and Career, by Anette Prehn and Kjeld Fredens, reviewed by Valerie Dwyer, Serial Entrepreneur, Coach, Mentor, Inspirational Speaker, founder of My Wonderful Life Coach™, Strategic Insight, Everything is Possible™, and other enterprises.

December 1, 2011
Play Your Brain

Play Your Brain

Possible alternative subtitle? How to Prime Your Brain for Success.

Best little book to help you understand your brain, your co-partner, to help you escape a thousand ingrained habits and tap into a powerful resource to achieve your greatest success. The potent combination of authors Anette Prehn with her coaching and leadership knowledge and expertise and Kjeld Fredens with his medical, neurobiology research, expertise and knowledge produce a work whose whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

The art of playing your brain lies in striking a balance between action and reflection, between that which creates results and that which forms perspective. It’s a paradox indeed! Your musical brain is both holistic and analytic, concrete and abstract. We Coaches have long known the power of engaging both hemispheres, accessing the creative right brain alongside our analytical and logical (‘hot air fuelled egotistic but clever) left brain, to give us the best of both worlds. Enter your Musical Brain!

You’ll have to read for yourself to discover what the eight keys of your inner piano are but you will recognise them and start on a journey of newfound discovery. Of all the work I have been involved with on this topic, going for your vision by programming yourself for success, this is amongst the easiest to read, understand and employ – but yes, to get the most from this book, you have some work to do but I promise ‘you are worth it!’

The need for self-coaching, self-leadership as we grow increases. Understand why a smile before learning something new helps you perform better – so smile now! There’s dilemma between the ‘inner’ and the ‘outer’ game because to win the ‘outer’ you must first master the ‘inner’.

Excellent chapter on Vision, the hobby horse I am known to criticise the lack of! Good interactive work on exploring our values, what really matters to us and is truly important in our lives and I encourage you to invest some work in it. “Values and Action are twins” sets the scene for greater understanding and serves as a useful reminder that ‘walking the talk’ is rooted in values, in congruency of actions and words. Identifying our core values is not always easy so the seven exercises are both a good grounding and a refresher. Going against our values causes conflict, holds us back, this is why surrounding ourselves and working with like-minded people increases our success. When values are at the centre of attention, so are beliefs! Behaviour demonstrates a person’s core values whether they are explicit or not, consciously aware of it or not.

Packed with useful explanations including why “cells that fire together, wire together” and vice versa.

There’s some NLP in here but there’s so much more to help us understand our ‘complexity thinking’ and take a more informed lead to turn it to our own advantage, vastly enhance our self-direction while gaining a deeper understanding others.

Powerful insights from tacit knowledge (and how to get them), a new look at our Circle of Influence, Life Logic, Experiments, Exercises, Checklists, ‘Slow System’ v ‘Fast System’, Growth v Fixed mindsets, Resilience, “Bounce-back ability”, welcome to your new life of adventure!

Thoroughly valuable book, packs a punch way beyond its size, even Coaches will learn something, and recommended for everyone. A library essential, a thoughtful gift that we’re definitely adding to our online bookstore of inspirational, motivational, personal and business development success titles!

Highly recommended


RIP OFF YOUR NECKTIE AND DANCE, Leen Zevenbergen, Reviewed by Valerie Dwyer – Serial Entrepreneur, Coach, Mentor, Inspirational Speaker, founder of My Wonderful Life Coach™, Strategic Insight, Everything is Possible™, and other enterprises.

August 18, 2011

 Hop on now. Discover the Chaordic Alternative. Next stop Culture Change Central!

 “Revitalise your business with innovation and entrepreneurship”, sets the scene so you know what to expect, only you don’t because you’re in for surprises. Leen begins with a “passionate plea for authenticity in entrepreneurship” and goes on to decry ‘loincloth’ projects-somewhat worse than sticking plaster. I give this book 5 ***** and say buy it now! 

Thought leader Leen Zevenbergen  aims to get everyone out of their straight jackets, to think out of the box, and a high five from me for referring to ‘vision’ in his first sentence, since this is the birth of business transformation. (As a Vision Facilitator am I biased? Of course yes! Vision changes everything!) And it all begins with Leadership. How can a leader inspire others if they are totally uninspiring, this is part of the problem for which Leen offers solutions.

Is yours a ‘Conscious Company’ that demonstrates strategic keenness, energises people and stimulates creative thinking and inspiration. Yes? Well then, you are amongst the minority, the pack leaders. Say No? Better find out what this is about then before it’s too late to change! 

When business is going well, who sees trouble coming or even thinks about it? Learn how to avoid complacency now with the ‘Nightmare Competitor’. “Paradoxically”, Leen tells us, “from time to time a good nightmare guarantees in the long run a better night’s rest”. Don’t ask, but read the book. From the end of the second chapter I already knew there are too many important lessons here to cover

Businesses are living through a time of extreme control and regulation (straight jackets). Life is easier by fitting people, staff, customers, into little boxes. Anxiety rules! This spells death for innovation and entrepreneurship. Yes, authentic leadership and transparency are the new kids on the block. Build a new (I say ‘shared’) corporate vision = revitalise your business. We’re reminded that everyone has creativity, how much of it people display outside of the workplace and how easy it is to turn it on. Welcome to the company where people achieve what’s necessary and also have fun!

Leen thinks we’re guilty of murdering the ‘thrill’ of business and proceeds to show us how to put it back. Having persevered past chapter one I walked into a library of desirable futures packed with stimulating ideas for better business backed up by great examples. Leen and I share some common ground in business experiences: especially in how people should be treated; the value of their collective role in turning their company around; that slash and burn can turn business survival into terminal and turnaround needs some investment, however small, in processes like these.

As I’ve experienced first hand when facilitating my SI White Table Visioning Process™, given permission and opportunity to work together as a team, group or company to create a shared vision for the organisation, people bring about positive transformation.  ‘Shared vision’ just two little words that in practise are hard to achieve yet offers major impact.

Leen describes what true creativity looks like, from both an entrepreneur’s and a manager’s perspective and how smaller companies have the market edge, how to create ‘flow’ and when “doing nothing” is right for everyone. Get rid of the ‘guilt trip’, read for yourself what this is all about and learn something invaluable today.  Smile if you must then understand the question – What is ’idiotic’? Something brilliant!

Beautiful A5 full colour creatively designed 223 pages of short chapters, manageable chunks of learning, packed with wisdom and ingenuity. Excellent Case Studies of creative and entrepreneurial companies, great book references and joy of joy a pretty decent section on ‘vision’.

Highly Recommended  5 *****

POWERFUL STUFF! VITAL CONVERSATIONS Making the Impossible Conversation Possible by Alec Grimsley book review Valerie Dwyer

June 15, 2010

Making the Impossible Conversation Possible


VITAL (for VITAL also read ‘DIFFICULT’) CONVERSATIONS takes you on an important self-development journey to hone your skills for business and life! Your destination is THIRD GENERATION THINKING. The Ultimate Key to Success? You decide.  His introduction, ‘How to get the most out of this book’, tells you that Alec Grimsley means business! His explanation of why we all avoid Vital Conversations and a look at the cost of so doing are thought generators! An old and key business message in a new environment is the value of ‘preparation, preparation, preparation’! How often do people have all the necessary knowledge, understanding and preparation under their belt before taking on their most difficult conversations? If they don’t how on earth do they gain it? Well, read the book, find out! 

   Billed as “A new and practical approach for identifying, preparing and engaging in those difficult but “must have” conversations including sensitive issues; major decisions, inappropriate behaviour and giving bad news (even as a practising Coach I found much more) VITAL CONVERSATIONS lives up to the promise.

   Powerful content this – the ‘mental software upgrade’ to help you gain a significant and substantial improvement in the effectiveness of those ‘Vital Conversations’ everyone finds it difficult to deal with.  Peppered with common sense, the over-riding purpose succeeds …read my full review here:

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