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DON’T MISS OUT! DOORS CLOSING! ARE YOU READY FOR THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS? Shining Biz & Life Academy Enrolment Closes this Friday 30/09/16! LAST CHANCE ALERT!

September 28, 2016

Last Chance! Doors Closing! Enrolment Ending. I could not miss sharing this #Amazing #Opportunity with you!  My Woman Power Dream Team™! leonie-dawson-doors-closing-shine2016-insta_ad1-copy




CLOSING! FINAL 2 Days to Upgrade Your Life and Business! In Shining Biz & Life AcademyCome In Now or Miss Out!

Thank You. I trust you are well and having a great year.copyright-ursula-kelly-photography-please-credit-0662

You may already know that I’ve been out of touch recovering from a head injury but I’m on my way back now and do so appreciate all the good wishes I’ve received which has helped immensely. This does mean that you may not have heard from me for a while but the information I am sharing here was just too important to let you miss out. Please give this your careful consideration, it really is a #Wonderful Opportunity, hand-picked for you…

Are you ready to gear up to make 2017 your Best Year Ever? If not, then now is the time, it will soon be here, it’s October next week! So you need to find out about my wonderful and amazing (and a little bit zany!) millionaire friend down in Oz, Leonie Dawson, her powerful Shining Biz & Life Academy and amazing resources…

 It really is time to get started now thinking about Who and What are the best and proven resources to get you where you want to be in 2017 and beyond…and here it all is – rolled up in one amazing place…

Perhaps you missed this last year but everyone who signed up to The Shining Biz & Life Academy and implemented what they learned has made substantial progress in their happiness while growing their business.

Isn’t that #Wonderful? Increased Happiness in Life and Business. It works! AND it’s tax deductible! How cool is that?

The Shining Biz & Life Academy is the ultimate, complete + wildly generous program to transform your business, life, creativity and soul!

Created by my amazing friend, best-selling author, multi-million dollar CEO and finalist for Australian Business Woman of the Year, Leonie Dawson has dedicated her life to helping other women create their own kind of soul-centred success.

The Academy is her proven, popular and powerful training resource that’s helped thousands of women since 2010.

It’s wildly generous & unlike anything else out there on the market!

Used by entrepreneurs, artists, mamas, creatives, coaches, teachers and women of all ages, the Shining Academy is filled with over 100 courses to help you create your shining biz and life!

Bonuses galore! As an Academy member, you’ll receive access to the Shining Discount Centre where you’ll receive huge savings ($2,000!) on a range of essential tools and services to help your business bloom. Plus, as an extra special bonus, you’ll snag the complete 2017 Shining Year product collection delivered to your door (valued at up to $150)!

As a member of the Academy, you’ll receive powerful business training to help you start + grow your dream business rapidly & happily. You’ll receive audio meditations to soothe your soul. Illustrated workbooks to create clarity & intention around difficult decisions. E-courses to supercharge your creativity, become a marketing maven & wrangle your fears. Tips to get your house decluttered & your inner world in order. Cleanses to bring your body into health & radiance. Everything you need to live, work, play & create like the beautiful, bright-shining soul you were born to be.

All at an incredibly generous price.

Over the last six years, over thousands of women have used the Academy with the most amazing results. It’s the best and most complete biz education library out there!

What are you waiting for? Only opens once a year and is Closing in 2 days…

Go find out more now. See how it fits with you and your aims and desires a…

Looking forward to catching up again soon.

Valerie 🙂

PS It has not been completely quiet here. Behind the scenes people have been working on a new updated website for to be launched late October complete with lots of new resources for you and your business  – we’ll let you know when it is live.

TODAY! Your Biggest Adventure Is To LIVE the LIFE of Your DREAMS! #Appreciate





TODAY! Your Biggest Adventure Is To LIVE the LIFE of Your DREAMS! #Appreciate

September 27, 2016


TODAY is the BEST Day Ever! #Appreciate

For you TODAY is Packed with choices, #potential, #adventure and #opportunity to happily LIVE the Life You REALLY Want…

All challenges can be overcome…you just need to know how…

What will you do today and how will you be?  How will you detect and accept what is absolutely right for you or change what no longer serves you?

YOU are Alive! Everything that you want and need therefore is both within you and offered to you. It is abundant around you – but do you see or even recognise it as being powerful for you? I will show you the way…

To bring your dreams alive, you need to take action. Before you take action you need to be clear on your destination. Create your clear #Vision, that is your unstoppable way forward. Start afresh with a blank sheet and create your future. Take what time it needs for it is the Most #Valuable and #Powerful Work you can do for yourself today….

Connect with me to know HOW you do this….



Delighted to be Invited!! It’s an Encore! Presenting My Entirely New ‘Breaking Through the Barriers to Success’ Session for #LWED #2 Lincolnshire Women’s Enterprise Day Conference 17th November 2016. Save the Date. Better Still – Book Now and Join Me!

June 21, 2016

Following the hugely successful 2015 Inaugural #LWED Lincolnshire Women’s Enterprise Day Conference at Belton Woods, Grantham – where we received the accolade of GEWUK High Impact Host 2015, I’m invited back for 2016!! Thank You Fiona White for inviting me to #Inspire again! And I have something entirely new for you that you will NOT want to Miss if you are frustrated with your BIG DREAMS of Success!

Since this event, I have shared what I know in Prague and South Africa and clients have achieved amazing successes including writing and launching their very first books,  Michele Walsh Says 10x their income, launching their own Charities, starting second businesses and SO much more… it’s all there for you – IF you want it and know HOW.

Previously, my interactive session, my ‘Magic Formula 3 Keys for Success’ focusing on the ‘Power of Vital Vision™ to Create the Life and Business You  REALLY Want’ drew rave reviews and delivered some amazing mindset shifts and ‘Lightbulb Moments’ during our ‘One Big Thing’ session. The feedback from delegates was amazing.

This time, I have developed something entirely new for you – I’m taking the wraps off  – this is me sharing the ‘warts and all’ the secrets of ‘Resilience! The No #1 Vital Skill for Entrepreneurs…after Vital Vision™ that is..

In order to help you find your way to gain the #Courage you need to step out of your Comfort Zone, an essential ingredient for real success, I will share my secrets to how I overcame several major life threatening challenges to keep going and succeed as a Serial Entrepreneur with 10 businesses started, bought, merged, grown and sold, as well as being a Woman Leader as President, Chair, Board Member and Non-Executive Director of a range of businesses and organisations in the private, public and third sectors.

They say a cat has nine lives, well I’ve exhausted every one of these – and I’m still going!! To succeed as an #Entrepreneur you need to be ‘Unstoppable’, with self-driven (no one else can do it for you!) unshakeable belief and confidence and I will show you HOW to create your very own!

We all have challenges, day to day, I know this. It is a fact of life. But can you #IMAGINE running a business when you have to recover from being paralysed from the neck down after falling from a 3 storey building – once you awake from Coma? Can you #IMAGINE being involved in  a 3 vehicle pile up where your car was written off and you suffered spinal injuries and PTSD?  Can you #IMAGINE being crippled – and I mean crippled – by Rheumatoid Arthritis… And that’s not even the half of it!!

People keep asking for my book about this – rather than the one I have already written to huge global acclaim – ‘Woman Power: Strategies for Female Leaders’ and I promise that I will write it –  but first and foremost, I am interested in sharing what I know about Resilience where it has the impact to change lives immediately –  rather than spend my time writing…but I will get there.

If you have a long-held, unfulfilled dream of the life and business you REALLY want -I encourage you to register your interest NOW at #LWED 2 Lincolnshire Women’s Enterprise Day Conference 2016 and I will be there help you on your journey…

Looking forward to connecting with YOU on 17th November 2016. Remember, go here now, tickets will go fast!  #LWED Lincolnshire Women’s Enterprise Day 2016









I’m SO Excited! I Just Can’t Hide It! Michele Walsh (AKA Launches The BIG Shift Book! GET your FREE Download Here TODAY!

June 9, 2016

I’m SO Excited! I Just Can’t Hide It! Michele Walsh (AKA Launches The BIG Shift Book!

Feeling SO very proud to have been a part of this journey!

Valarie Dwyer & Michelle Walsh Copyright Ursula Kelly Photography -please credit.jpg  Michele Walsh Big Shift 7 Secretes to Success Photo      The Big Shift Book Cover

Less than 6 months since she went through her Vital Vision™ Blueprint Creation process with me, to shape up her future, the already hugely successful and my Wonderful Woman Client Michele Walsh launches her The BIG Shift Book AND offers YOU a VIP Special to download your copy FREE!  here

I couldn’t resist sharing this with you. Be sure to register for your time limited opportunity – TODAY ONLY!!!!

Seeking any kind of shift in your life, business or career, check this out now –

It’s only incredibly less than 6 months since Michele experienced her Vital Vision™ Blueprint Creation Process with me. One result of having her new Vision meant that her desire to write and publish her first book became very clear and I was able to connect Michele with another amazing friend, ‘Wonderful Woman’ Sophie Bennett, Founder of the Millionaire Author Academy , (Check this out if you have a dream to write your book!) Author of ‘Money Bondage and valued member of my ‘Woman Power Dream Team™’.

It will come as no surprise to you then that I believe ‘Everything is Possible!’ (and that’s a whole ‘nother story from my own incredible life experiences where I learned that #lifeisnotarehearsal!)

I just knew that by connecting this amazing aspiring Author with the best Writer’s Coach I know, these two would hit it off together and that something dynamic would result!! So, go ahead and help yourself. Register for your FREE copy now – This is TOO Good to miss out!

If you’ve a desire to discover and live your dream life, get in touch with me and we will see what’s possible for YOU!

“Woman Power: Strategies for Female Leaders” Book Praised for #Diversity

May 18, 2016

Popular global anthology “Woman Power: Strategies for Female Leaders”, the book authored by 16 worldwide Women Leaders, Coaches, Mentors, Entrepreneurs and Consultants including Valerie Dwyer is praised for #Diversity of contribution in terms of country, ethnicity, technique, leadership style, experience and contribution. Sales continue to increase both online and at events where co-author Valerie Dwyer is a keynote speaker on #Womensenterprise #Leadership #Entrepreneurship and already this year the book has travelled in the UK as well as South Africa and Prague, where Valerie has signed copies as well as keynoted about #Womenentrepreneurs and #Womenleaders

WE40 Cover Woman Power - Strategies for Female Leaders

Money Bondage – Discover the Power of Mind OverMoney -Sophie Bennett’s amazing money mindset book

March 25, 2014

Money Bondage – Discover the Power of Mind over Money: How To Break Free from Debt and Step Up to a Richer Life by Sophie Bennett, The Wealth Network Ltd, ISBN 978-0-9926128-0-1

Reviewed by Valerie Dwyer, Serial Entrepreneur, Coach, Mentor, Inspirational Speaker, founder of My Wonderful Life Coach™, Strategic Insight, Everything is Possible™, and other enterprises.

 WEALTH WARNING! Whatever the size of your debt distress or wealth ambition, a ‘Must Read’, Money Bondage Rocks! It’s not often I say this in my introduction but get your copy now! Who’d have thought a book about money would brim with emotion, passion, feelings, motivation and self-worth? Read on to find out why you need your own copy today…


Your Definitive Guide to Money Mastery!Want to transform your life from debt to wealth? Here’s the revelation. You don’t need to be good at maths, or numbers or managing your money to date to understand Money Bondage and act on transforming your money life! You will, however, by working through ‘Give Self-Sabotage a Kicking’; The Power of Passion, ‘Become a Luck Magnet’ and much more, learn how to change your money mindset.

Sophie Bennett is a very clever woman indeed! There’s nothing more powerful than learning from someone who has ‘been there, done that’ and succeeded, especially when they are able to address the root of your problems, not merely the symptoms. Her ‘bacon sandwich moment was the catalyst for Money expert Sophie, to transform her £60,000 of debts (with just 17p in her purse) into life as a successful money manager and investor; personal finance expert; Coach, Master Business Practitioner of NLP; Speaker, Trainer and Business Mentor.

Since securing her first contract for £1 million she’s on a mission to share her extensive experience using a Coaching, Mentoring approach, providing learning resources to get you dealing intelligently with your own money (or lack of it). As someone who travelled a similar path, I can vouch for the ‘stickability’ of Sophie’s teaching and I love her ‘get there sooner’ brown envelopes!

Everyone, (this includes you!) everyone responsible in any way for handling their own money, and probably a few ‘money experts’ as well, will benefit from having their own copy of Money Bondage. Books on money and finance are not new but Sophie Bennett has drawn on her own extensive (and impressive) personal experiences to deliver a holistic potentially life-changing Coaching approach that really works.

Written in an easy personal style, but pulling no punches, this comprehensive guide to getting out of debt, learning new habits and building secure foundations for future wealth is for everyone, including you! When you do the work on your thought processes, beliefs, perceptions, attitudes and behaviours  this delightful, informative, practical layman’s guide to recognising and dealing with money and lack of it, both in both personal life and business, is a valuable return on your investment.

By the time you reach the final pages you’ve acquired an incredible toolkit with real life examples and the knowledge to use it effectively for yourself and others around you, as well as pointers to support if further interventions are needed.

Packed with resources including thought stimulating questions, simple exercises, Case Studies, ‘How To’ practical examples, colourful metaphors this 223 page paperback rounds off with ’Slavery to Mastery’, a message from Carole, and End Notes for further consideration.

Dip in and out if you must, the lovely brief chapters on a wide range of vital topics help, but you must read fully and in sequence to gain maximum advantage.  If you can only afford one book this year, this is it. Or request it from your library. A great gift for someone whose welfare you treasure.

We’re definitely adding this to our online bookstore of inspirational, motivational, Coaching, personal and business development titles! 

Highly recommended – My Best Little Book of 2014 (and I don’t get paid for saying this)

WHACK around the head – Purpose Passion and Power at work right now! by Sharon Eden, reviewed by Valerie Dwyer, Serial Entrepreneur, Coach, Mentor, Inspirational Speaker, founder of My Wonderful Life Coach™, Strategic Insight, Everything is Possible™, and other enterprises.

May 18, 2011

“Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken” –Oscar Wilde, sets the scene for ‘WHACK around the head’ which could well have been titled ‘HERE’S YOUR WAKE UP CALL!      

WHACK around the head - Purpose, Passion and Power at work right now!

WHACK around the head -Your Wake Up Call!

A warning! And a promise! Just by the title I sensed that ‘WHACK around the head’ had important learning to offer and I was not disappointed. This is a tool for change, a journey to self-growth, to discover or rediscover your Purpose, Passion and Power, Sharon’s mantra for you – see how it works! Though expect to be told quite bluntly some ‘home truths’ in the process. And don’t blame me if your new ‘Outtayerbox You’ is a bit of a handful! !’

Gremlins, Shticks, Rocks Off, full on! ‘WHACK around the head’ is not for the faint-hearted or a text to glance through while doing something else or even pick out snippets from and think you’ll instantly improve your lot. Study all thoroughly, do the exercises and then flick through again to make it stick and you will be rewarded.

Inner Leadership Coach, Psychotherapist and NLP Trainer Sharon Eden has the credentials to deliver life changing support, drawn from her own and others’ experiences. Sharon created the ‘Whack around the head’ methodology to be direct, yes, at times startling, but most of all a big, bad wake up call for everyone who needs to take back control and Live their WHOLE life.

Invest time and thought to ‘WHACK around the head’ – everything worth having demands this!

This is all about YOU! YOU are the central character in your potentially life-changing story.

Here’s your great opportunity, right now, whatever else is or has been going on to distract you,  to connect or re-connect with your true purpose in life, reignite your passion and go forward in hand with your power.

On first reading ‘WHACK around the head’ I was half-way through before I realised that I just couldn’t put it down – had to get to the end. Not recommended though unless you’ve set the time aside to do some serious thinking, exercises and planning. You’ll need to devote planned time, think of it as a real project with a tangible outcome. Coaches and Mentors may be attracted, since they are always working on personal development and growth, as much for clients as for themselves. Much of what I have read is not new, however approaches are, and new approaches are always refreshing. This is book is for everyone though.

‘Why WHACK around the head’? Well, I was curious! You see the title to me reads as this is your ‘Wake Up Call’ because I’ve had my own ‘WHACK around the head’ more times than I care to remember. Mostly they were very, very real and on occasion life-threatening. Believe me when I say that life-threatening and near death experiences absolutely do make us reassess the lives we are living. Many WHACKS are really out of our control – road traffic accidents, chronic illness, but oh boy, many are self-inflicted – I’ll leave you to think on that!

Stay with ‘WHACK around the head’ – it’s no easy ride – and face up to the questions you’ve been avoiding. Stick with it and persevere on the length of time you spend doing the exercises until you’ve exhausted your answers. Sharon’s approach is different, refreshing, and it really works.

Find and harness your Purpose, Passion and Power but do more…Inspire others to join your newfound ‘Outtayerbox YOU’. Let’s be generous and share this opportunity to make life better for everyone!

Remember Chickens Can Fly! Read it to find out what that’s about. Packs a punch bigger than its 256 pages. Find Sharon at Follow her

Enjoy other reviews anytime at


‘Ave to Love’, Philippa Hanna, Help for Haiti’s Children , the next or even first global Number 1? You tell because…”Everything is Possible”!

March 12, 2010

‘Ave to Love’ the sensational new work from songbird Philippa Hanna, inspired by her visit out to Haiti’s children, has gone from nowhere to featuring on World News within a space of days.   Is this the next, or even first global number 1?  Can’t stop talking about it… and sharing – will you join me?  Philippa has inspired me and thousands of others…

 ‘Ave to Love’ video is now being shared as well as watched and it’s travelling around the world. Philippa’s dream is that ‘Ave to Love’ will create a people support wave big enough to generate funds, enough money raised to make a substantial donation to Compassion, to work with Haiti’s children. What have you done today to help spread this inspirational word?

WATCH & SHARE her moving and inspiring video


VISIT Phillipa’s site 

Read Philippa’s story/Donate


Philippa Hanna Ave to Love for Haiti's Children

Philippa Hanna Ave to Love for Haiti's Children

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