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Money Bondage – Discover the Power of Mind OverMoney -Sophie Bennett’s amazing money mindset book

March 25, 2014

Money Bondage – Discover the Power of Mind over Money: How To Break Free from Debt and Step Up to a Richer Life by Sophie Bennett, The Wealth Network Ltd, ISBN 978-0-9926128-0-1

Reviewed by Valerie Dwyer, Serial Entrepreneur, Coach, Mentor, Inspirational Speaker, founder of My Wonderful Life Coach™, Strategic Insight, Everything is Possible™, and other enterprises.

 WEALTH WARNING! Whatever the size of your debt distress or wealth ambition, a ‘Must Read’, Money Bondage Rocks! It’s not often I say this in my introduction but get your copy now! Who’d have thought a book about money would brim with emotion, passion, feelings, motivation and self-worth? Read on to find out why you need your own copy today…


Your Definitive Guide to Money Mastery!Want to transform your life from debt to wealth? Here’s the revelation. You don’t need to be good at maths, or numbers or managing your money to date to understand Money Bondage and act on transforming your money life! You will, however, by working through ‘Give Self-Sabotage a Kicking’; The Power of Passion, ‘Become a Luck Magnet’ and much more, learn how to change your money mindset.

Sophie Bennett is a very clever woman indeed! There’s nothing more powerful than learning from someone who has ‘been there, done that’ and succeeded, especially when they are able to address the root of your problems, not merely the symptoms. Her ‘bacon sandwich moment was the catalyst for Money expert Sophie, to transform her £60,000 of debts (with just 17p in her purse) into life as a successful money manager and investor; personal finance expert; Coach, Master Business Practitioner of NLP; Speaker, Trainer and Business Mentor.

Since securing her first contract for £1 million she’s on a mission to share her extensive experience using a Coaching, Mentoring approach, providing learning resources to get you dealing intelligently with your own money (or lack of it). As someone who travelled a similar path, I can vouch for the ‘stickability’ of Sophie’s teaching and I love her ‘get there sooner’ brown envelopes!

Everyone, (this includes you!) everyone responsible in any way for handling their own money, and probably a few ‘money experts’ as well, will benefit from having their own copy of Money Bondage. Books on money and finance are not new but Sophie Bennett has drawn on her own extensive (and impressive) personal experiences to deliver a holistic potentially life-changing Coaching approach that really works.

Written in an easy personal style, but pulling no punches, this comprehensive guide to getting out of debt, learning new habits and building secure foundations for future wealth is for everyone, including you! When you do the work on your thought processes, beliefs, perceptions, attitudes and behaviours  this delightful, informative, practical layman’s guide to recognising and dealing with money and lack of it, both in both personal life and business, is a valuable return on your investment.

By the time you reach the final pages you’ve acquired an incredible toolkit with real life examples and the knowledge to use it effectively for yourself and others around you, as well as pointers to support if further interventions are needed.

Packed with resources including thought stimulating questions, simple exercises, Case Studies, ‘How To’ practical examples, colourful metaphors this 223 page paperback rounds off with ’Slavery to Mastery’, a message from Carole, and End Notes for further consideration.

Dip in and out if you must, the lovely brief chapters on a wide range of vital topics help, but you must read fully and in sequence to gain maximum advantage.  If you can only afford one book this year, this is it. Or request it from your library. A great gift for someone whose welfare you treasure.

We’re definitely adding this to our online bookstore of inspirational, motivational, Coaching, personal and business development titles! 

Highly recommended – My Best Little Book of 2014 (and I don’t get paid for saying this)

PLAY YOUR BRAIN, Adopt a Musical Mindset and Change Your Life and Career, by Anette Prehn and Kjeld Fredens, reviewed by Valerie Dwyer, Serial Entrepreneur, Coach, Mentor, Inspirational Speaker, founder of My Wonderful Life Coach™, Strategic Insight, Everything is Possible™, and other enterprises.

December 1, 2011
Play Your Brain

Play Your Brain

Possible alternative subtitle? How to Prime Your Brain for Success.

Best little book to help you understand your brain, your co-partner, to help you escape a thousand ingrained habits and tap into a powerful resource to achieve your greatest success. The potent combination of authors Anette Prehn with her coaching and leadership knowledge and expertise and Kjeld Fredens with his medical, neurobiology research, expertise and knowledge produce a work whose whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

The art of playing your brain lies in striking a balance between action and reflection, between that which creates results and that which forms perspective. It’s a paradox indeed! Your musical brain is both holistic and analytic, concrete and abstract. We Coaches have long known the power of engaging both hemispheres, accessing the creative right brain alongside our analytical and logical (‘hot air fuelled egotistic but clever) left brain, to give us the best of both worlds. Enter your Musical Brain!

You’ll have to read for yourself to discover what the eight keys of your inner piano are but you will recognise them and start on a journey of newfound discovery. Of all the work I have been involved with on this topic, going for your vision by programming yourself for success, this is amongst the easiest to read, understand and employ – but yes, to get the most from this book, you have some work to do but I promise ‘you are worth it!’

The need for self-coaching, self-leadership as we grow increases. Understand why a smile before learning something new helps you perform better – so smile now! There’s dilemma between the ‘inner’ and the ‘outer’ game because to win the ‘outer’ you must first master the ‘inner’.

Excellent chapter on Vision, the hobby horse I am known to criticise the lack of! Good interactive work on exploring our values, what really matters to us and is truly important in our lives and I encourage you to invest some work in it. “Values and Action are twins” sets the scene for greater understanding and serves as a useful reminder that ‘walking the talk’ is rooted in values, in congruency of actions and words. Identifying our core values is not always easy so the seven exercises are both a good grounding and a refresher. Going against our values causes conflict, holds us back, this is why surrounding ourselves and working with like-minded people increases our success. When values are at the centre of attention, so are beliefs! Behaviour demonstrates a person’s core values whether they are explicit or not, consciously aware of it or not.

Packed with useful explanations including why “cells that fire together, wire together” and vice versa.

There’s some NLP in here but there’s so much more to help us understand our ‘complexity thinking’ and take a more informed lead to turn it to our own advantage, vastly enhance our self-direction while gaining a deeper understanding others.

Powerful insights from tacit knowledge (and how to get them), a new look at our Circle of Influence, Life Logic, Experiments, Exercises, Checklists, ‘Slow System’ v ‘Fast System’, Growth v Fixed mindsets, Resilience, “Bounce-back ability”, welcome to your new life of adventure!

Thoroughly valuable book, packs a punch way beyond its size, even Coaches will learn something, and recommended for everyone. A library essential, a thoughtful gift that we’re definitely adding to our online bookstore of inspirational, motivational, personal and business development success titles!

Highly recommended

THE FIRE PHILOSOPHY Cope with change and live a happy life, by Liam O’Connell &Steve Lilley, reviewed by Valerie Dwyer, Serial Entrepreneur, Coach, Mentor, Inspirational Speaker, founder of My Wonderful Life Coach™, Strategic Insight, Everything is Possible™, and other enterprises

October 28, 2011

With anticipation I read The Fire Philosophy, the latest book from Liam

The Fire Philosophy

The Fire Philosophy

O’Connell is co-authored with Steve Lilley. Following on from his excellent Don’t Feed the Ducks and, forerunner to this title, My Fire’s Gone Out! I was not disappointed. Coping with change and finding happiness are the theme so if these are on your agenda, read on. Otherwise, there are still lessons to be learned, so read on anyway!

The Fire Philosophy brings us up to date with the trials and tribulations of the four little devils who were endeared to us in My Fire’s Gone Out! Having learned important lessons while stoking the fires of hell, they regained their motivation and sense of purpose only in the meantime to fall back into the rut of routine “Wake up, go to work, work hard, go home…” This time they get to grips with life once again in order to avoid some very dark places!

Sparky, Oxy, Diesel and Stubbo are unique characters in which you’ll recognise the traits of people you know and have the opportunity for a little more empathy and understanding.

Two of the sayings that I’m known for ‘Opportunities often arrive disguised as challenges’ and ‘It’s not what happens to us but how we respond to what happens that’s important’ are clearly demonstrated in this second little parable. Do we always see what’s under our noses? I think not and the little devils (some at least) fall into the same trap at first.

“Meanwhile up in the real world…” is used as a device to introduce the true and thought-provoking but brief and inspiring life stories of James, Owen, Lisa and Mike that aptly illustrate the life-changing lessons in ‘Thoughts from the flames’. An added bonus is the courage of offering up, very briefly, the author’s stories, their motivation for writing The Fire Philosophy. We’d all do well to heed the words from the scrolls and thoughts from the flames.

I strongly recommend you to read My Fire’s Gone Out! before reading The Fire Philosophy. Though the latter is a stand alone work, reading the two brings greater context.

80 neat little pages with important key life messages, powerful stories and lessons simply told and beautifully illustrated..A big little gem to read in under an hour but learn for a lifetime. Packs a punch far beyond its size. One of my best books for 2011. We’re definitely adding this to our online bookstore of inspirational and motivational titles!

Highly recommended and encourage you to visit to find out more

RIP OFF YOUR NECKTIE AND DANCE, Leen Zevenbergen, Reviewed by Valerie Dwyer – Serial Entrepreneur, Coach, Mentor, Inspirational Speaker, founder of My Wonderful Life Coach™, Strategic Insight, Everything is Possible™, and other enterprises.

August 18, 2011

 Hop on now. Discover the Chaordic Alternative. Next stop Culture Change Central!

 “Revitalise your business with innovation and entrepreneurship”, sets the scene so you know what to expect, only you don’t because you’re in for surprises. Leen begins with a “passionate plea for authenticity in entrepreneurship” and goes on to decry ‘loincloth’ projects-somewhat worse than sticking plaster. I give this book 5 ***** and say buy it now! 

Thought leader Leen Zevenbergen  aims to get everyone out of their straight jackets, to think out of the box, and a high five from me for referring to ‘vision’ in his first sentence, since this is the birth of business transformation. (As a Vision Facilitator am I biased? Of course yes! Vision changes everything!) And it all begins with Leadership. How can a leader inspire others if they are totally uninspiring, this is part of the problem for which Leen offers solutions.

Is yours a ‘Conscious Company’ that demonstrates strategic keenness, energises people and stimulates creative thinking and inspiration. Yes? Well then, you are amongst the minority, the pack leaders. Say No? Better find out what this is about then before it’s too late to change! 

When business is going well, who sees trouble coming or even thinks about it? Learn how to avoid complacency now with the ‘Nightmare Competitor’. “Paradoxically”, Leen tells us, “from time to time a good nightmare guarantees in the long run a better night’s rest”. Don’t ask, but read the book. From the end of the second chapter I already knew there are too many important lessons here to cover

Businesses are living through a time of extreme control and regulation (straight jackets). Life is easier by fitting people, staff, customers, into little boxes. Anxiety rules! This spells death for innovation and entrepreneurship. Yes, authentic leadership and transparency are the new kids on the block. Build a new (I say ‘shared’) corporate vision = revitalise your business. We’re reminded that everyone has creativity, how much of it people display outside of the workplace and how easy it is to turn it on. Welcome to the company where people achieve what’s necessary and also have fun!

Leen thinks we’re guilty of murdering the ‘thrill’ of business and proceeds to show us how to put it back. Having persevered past chapter one I walked into a library of desirable futures packed with stimulating ideas for better business backed up by great examples. Leen and I share some common ground in business experiences: especially in how people should be treated; the value of their collective role in turning their company around; that slash and burn can turn business survival into terminal and turnaround needs some investment, however small, in processes like these.

As I’ve experienced first hand when facilitating my SI White Table Visioning Process™, given permission and opportunity to work together as a team, group or company to create a shared vision for the organisation, people bring about positive transformation.  ‘Shared vision’ just two little words that in practise are hard to achieve yet offers major impact.

Leen describes what true creativity looks like, from both an entrepreneur’s and a manager’s perspective and how smaller companies have the market edge, how to create ‘flow’ and when “doing nothing” is right for everyone. Get rid of the ‘guilt trip’, read for yourself what this is all about and learn something invaluable today.  Smile if you must then understand the question – What is ’idiotic’? Something brilliant!

Beautiful A5 full colour creatively designed 223 pages of short chapters, manageable chunks of learning, packed with wisdom and ingenuity. Excellent Case Studies of creative and entrepreneurial companies, great book references and joy of joy a pretty decent section on ‘vision’.

Highly Recommended  5 *****

The Activity Illusion – Why we live to work in the 21st century and how to work to live instead, by Ian Price, Reviewed by Valerie Dwyer, Serial Entrepreneur, Coach, Mentor, Inspirational Speaker, founder of My Wonderful Life Coach™, Strategic Insight, Everything is Possible™, and other enterprises.

June 7, 2011

“A four day week and then three days’ fun”. Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s 1953 prophesy, ambition and hope for British workers, without any drop in income, has not been achieved. Part of the reason now may well be self-inflicted and threatens work-life balance!

The Activity Illusion

The Activity Illusion

The aim of The Activity Illusion is to help you break the vicious circle of hyperactive work practises and shows how to fix it for you and your organisation. Though not all may apply to you, “Email is Ruining my Life” and “Lunch is for Wimps”, there are some eye-openers.  Delivers what’s practical and valuable to help you in “Taming the Technology Beast”, dealing with “People” and much more.

We may not all be taking hyperactivity to the max but be honest now, how often do you flip into your email while performing other tasks? While you’re there, do you feel an urgent need to respond to inbox messages? How much time do you spend on your mobile? Is it becoming another limb?

As you’d expect from the title, ‘hyperactivity’ is a constant theme throughout. We’ve created the technologies and gadgets to be constantly on call and alert and we’re using these to the max! If we could work in our sleep we would – and why? What is it that we’re all avoiding with ‘busyness’?

Do we really want to change? And if so, how? Are a couple of the key questions to cause us to stop and think, and which reminds me that we each have choices over everything we do, whether we’re working for someone else who is boss or ourselves as the boss (we’re often hardest on ourselves!)

We have learned so much from the Japanese, including Kaizen, widely practised in improving manufacturing efficiencies. Somewhat surprising then to learn that people in Japan have also entered the Karoshi Zone, officially certified as ‘death by overwork’! A sound reason then to reduce and eliminate hyperactivity at work, one of the biggest stressors of the modern world.

Much potential for change is laid firmly at the boss’s door, which could well be all of us! A pointing finger indicates that leadership must lead by example. The culture and environment of the organisation, large or small, reflects the leadership style. Hyperactive staff working long hours is no guarantee of working quicker or effectively.  Past a certain saturation point tests show the reverse is true. Like any activity or addiction, hyperactivity is a choice. Brilliant because that means we can change. Just as well, since studies have shown that between 10%/20% of payroll cost is spent unproductively as a result. In the current economic climate, in anyone’s calculations, too much waste!

Excellent reference to Malcolm Gladwell’s “Tipping Point” – how little things can make such a big difference, as well as disturbing findings from the “Good Samaritan” psychological experiment.  The issue of “values” is raised; references to “visionary” companies and many useful references to published studies, psychology, leadership, organisational management. There’s substantial value in the chunky sections, including “Focus” and all leading up to “Freedom from Hyperactivity, the virtuous circle.

It is worth reading the whole 210 pages to be fully enlightened and choose what steps you will take.  With all the extra time you’ve made from implementing what you’ve learned, for yourself or your organisation, follow up the informative references, work less, be more effective and have fun…


WHACK around the head – Purpose Passion and Power at work right now! by Sharon Eden, reviewed by Valerie Dwyer, Serial Entrepreneur, Coach, Mentor, Inspirational Speaker, founder of My Wonderful Life Coach™, Strategic Insight, Everything is Possible™, and other enterprises.

May 18, 2011

“Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken” –Oscar Wilde, sets the scene for ‘WHACK around the head’ which could well have been titled ‘HERE’S YOUR WAKE UP CALL!      

WHACK around the head - Purpose, Passion and Power at work right now!

WHACK around the head -Your Wake Up Call!

A warning! And a promise! Just by the title I sensed that ‘WHACK around the head’ had important learning to offer and I was not disappointed. This is a tool for change, a journey to self-growth, to discover or rediscover your Purpose, Passion and Power, Sharon’s mantra for you – see how it works! Though expect to be told quite bluntly some ‘home truths’ in the process. And don’t blame me if your new ‘Outtayerbox You’ is a bit of a handful! !’

Gremlins, Shticks, Rocks Off, full on! ‘WHACK around the head’ is not for the faint-hearted or a text to glance through while doing something else or even pick out snippets from and think you’ll instantly improve your lot. Study all thoroughly, do the exercises and then flick through again to make it stick and you will be rewarded.

Inner Leadership Coach, Psychotherapist and NLP Trainer Sharon Eden has the credentials to deliver life changing support, drawn from her own and others’ experiences. Sharon created the ‘Whack around the head’ methodology to be direct, yes, at times startling, but most of all a big, bad wake up call for everyone who needs to take back control and Live their WHOLE life.

Invest time and thought to ‘WHACK around the head’ – everything worth having demands this!

This is all about YOU! YOU are the central character in your potentially life-changing story.

Here’s your great opportunity, right now, whatever else is or has been going on to distract you,  to connect or re-connect with your true purpose in life, reignite your passion and go forward in hand with your power.

On first reading ‘WHACK around the head’ I was half-way through before I realised that I just couldn’t put it down – had to get to the end. Not recommended though unless you’ve set the time aside to do some serious thinking, exercises and planning. You’ll need to devote planned time, think of it as a real project with a tangible outcome. Coaches and Mentors may be attracted, since they are always working on personal development and growth, as much for clients as for themselves. Much of what I have read is not new, however approaches are, and new approaches are always refreshing. This is book is for everyone though.

‘Why WHACK around the head’? Well, I was curious! You see the title to me reads as this is your ‘Wake Up Call’ because I’ve had my own ‘WHACK around the head’ more times than I care to remember. Mostly they were very, very real and on occasion life-threatening. Believe me when I say that life-threatening and near death experiences absolutely do make us reassess the lives we are living. Many WHACKS are really out of our control – road traffic accidents, chronic illness, but oh boy, many are self-inflicted – I’ll leave you to think on that!

Stay with ‘WHACK around the head’ – it’s no easy ride – and face up to the questions you’ve been avoiding. Stick with it and persevere on the length of time you spend doing the exercises until you’ve exhausted your answers. Sharon’s approach is different, refreshing, and it really works.

Find and harness your Purpose, Passion and Power but do more…Inspire others to join your newfound ‘Outtayerbox YOU’. Let’s be generous and share this opportunity to make life better for everyone!

Remember Chickens Can Fly! Read it to find out what that’s about. Packs a punch bigger than its 256 pages. Find Sharon at Follow her

Enjoy other reviews anytime at


100 RULES FOR ENTREPRENEURS – Real-Life Business Lessons – Neil Lewis, reviewed by Valerie Dwyer – Serial Entrepreneur, Coach, Mentor, Inspirational Speaker, founder of My Wonderful Life Coach™, Everything is Possible™, and other enterprises

December 22, 2010
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 100 Rules for Entrepreneurs – Real-Life Business Lessons focuses on core ‘first principles’ in business from which the rules then flow. Neil Lewis’s entrepreneurial pedigree cannot be denied. Here are lessons of incalculable value from an entrepreneur who built a $12 million business from a £2,000 back bedroom start-up, survived ten years with the last two years of decline delivering the most entrepreneurial lessons, then walked away with nothing. But then he picked himself up and started all over again!


    As a serial entrepreneur who has been head hunted to turn businesses around I would like to see this book as a reference in every business library. Wondering what you can learn and pitfalls to avoid? Better get your hands on a copy, read now and apply your rules!

    100 Rules kicks off with a version of Tennyson’s classic In Memoriam “It is better to have tried and failed than to have never tried’. The important thing is to learn from experience. These insights into what can go wrong when an entrepreneur’s first business booms then busts? Priceless! As is conviction, knowledge that it needn’t break anyone, true entrepreneurs just get over it! Start again! 

     ‘Just do it’ is Neil’s call to learn but importantly, to action. All journeys begin with the first step, you can think about things forever but it is action that makes things happen. Armed with these lessons affecting all areas of business you have sound advice on your side that will help you in many ways from cutting costs to employing right to improving profits and much more besides.

       ‘Boom times’ can be a load of ‘hot air’, a time to learn from your mistakes. ‘Bust times’ (recessions), (as I know from personal experience) can be times of greatest innovation and opportunity. Through it all though there’s an emphasis to know and take care of yourself. You’re the captain of your own ship and it’s sensible to think about alternative measures of success than purely money.  You’re encouraged to ‘Sharpen the Saw’ as in Stephen Covey’s ‘Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’.

        Sound advice to know your strengths and weaknesses; have a boost every now and again; go on holiday, you’re NOT indispensible (or shouldn’t be). (I remember being told quite frankly that people were capable and everything was under control during my very first vacation when I rang the office to see how things were. Felt strange, but very satisfying, not to be needed in my own business)!

       I’d like to have seen more substance in Rule 64 about the power of Vision, especially Shared Vision with wider company input, ownership and delivery of the Values, Mission and Strategic Action Plans that flow from these. After all though, company failed, and lack of these may be one reason why?

      ‘To Stop’ list, great idea; win/win negotiation; power of 3 in KPI’s; Business Angels; Freelancers; Interim Senior Managers and, importantly, avoiding the ‘diversify’ trap; warning to not too speedily dilute your own holding in the business (those desperately seeking finance may) plus Business Exit Strategies. The latter doesn’t mean you’ll definitely action; advantage to think through even if the solution is a big money buyout!

       There’s fundamental truth in Neil’s quote ‘Business comes and business goes – but you’ll always be an entrepreneur (someone who starts businesses)!’ I’ve never met a true entrepreneur yet who either found satisfaction working for someone else, or who gave up completely after their first failure.

      His postscript expresses hope that 100 Rules for Entrepreneurs will add three years to learning and maturing process for every entrepreneur/would be entrepreneur reader. An additional resource, one outcome from all this learning, is the new MediaModo entrepreneurial accreditation scheme to revolutionise the way investors and entrepreneurs work together. Look out for it!

      Start up, student or seasoned entrepreneur, there’s valuable advice in 100 Rules for Entrepreneurs! Highly Recommended 

JUST GET ON WITH IT! A CARING, COMPASSIONATE KICK UP THE ASS! by Ali Campbell, Hay House, Reviewed by Valerie Dwyer – Serial Entrepreneur, Coach, Mentor, Inspirational Speaker, founder of My Wonderful Life Coach™, Everything is Possible™, and other enterprises

December 2, 2010

Just Get on with it

Just Get on with it


Just Get on With It! really is what it says on the cover – A Caring Compassionate Kick Up The Ass! No more procrastination or excuses. Want to turn your life around? Then begin!

Get my full review for this and other inspirational and motivational books at

Refreshingly, Ali Campbell, ‘Mr Fix It’ to celebrities, business leaders and even royalty, makes it clear that he does not provide within this book all the (coaching and other) answers that we seek in order to live a fulfilled life.  However, more importantly and with guidance, he shows us how to recognise, reconnect with, trust and harness a power that many have lost touch with, possibly the most valuable resource in the universe embedded deep within us, our gut feeling, intuition, call it what you will.  

          Ali is keen to point out that ‘this is not a fluffy or typically touchy-feely type of coaching book’ but a collection of lessons and learnings gathered together from clients, books, teachers, trainers, therapists and his own journey trying to stay ‘positive’ growing up in one of the most cynical (yet wonderfully caring) places on earth.   Despite this, or perhaps even because of it, Ali brings alive the idea of ‘effortless effort’.  Although the material is not entirely new, the approach is!  Well worth the read, highly recommended


Start Me Up! – Over 100 great business ideas for the budding entrepreneur, Sonia Williams, Reviewed by Valerie Dwyer – Serial Entrepreneur, Coach, Mentor, Inspirational Speaker, founder of My Wonderful Life Coach™

November 15, 2010

Billed as ‘An essential resource for the budding entrepreneur – start me up! lives up to the promise!  Full review

Start Me Up

Start Me Up


As a Coach, Mentor and Business Development Specialist myself to budding entrepreneurs, start-ups and growth-aspiring entrepreneurs over several years, I recognise the valuable content of start me up! Aimed at novices seeking ready-made business ideas, there is also plenty in here for those who have been doing business for a while including reminders and resources for conducting your own business review if performance improvement of your business is on the cards. Pay attention to the Business Plan section, an added bonus of ‘How To’ information on all aspects necessary for upping your game.  

 In this rapidly changing world, lust for new trends and search for a ‘greener’ business environment, there’s always something new to learn. Sonia Williams begins by emphasising, quite rightly so, that the idea for your new or next business may just be right under your nose. Advising on the merits of being dissatisfied with the status quo, encouraging you to find a better way to do things (and referring to James Dyson among others who have found this route into mega businesses) but above all imploring you to find and follow your passion in order to be successful.

Advice on overcoming self-limiting beliefs (is Sonia an NLP or CBT practitioner, I wonder? This rings …read my full review

Managing Conflict At Work, Johnson & Keddy, reviewed by Valerie Dwyer, Serial Entrepreneur, Coach, Mentor,founder My Wonderful Life Coach(tm)

November 15, 2010

Conflict Prevention, is most definitely much better than cure when it comes to conflict management! Full review:

Managing Conflict at Work

Managing Conflict at Work

Managing conflict is a key strategic issue that needs to be globally recognised as the responsibility of all leaders and managers, within and (despite the title reference to ‘work’) outside of commerce.  A wider understanding by individuals would reduce the substantial costs in time, energy, resources and money to business, communities, countries and continents and subsequent toll on people.

 What could be better than the opportunity to be guided through the whole process by two experts in this field?  In this one handy tome, Clive Johnson, a coach, consultant and trainer in workplace conflict management and Jackie Keddy, a high level mediator and conflict specialist, present all you need to know about preventing and sorting out disputes, disagreements and conflicts, including those with potential for high level escalation….read full review

 £400 billion UK total costs and approaching $300 billion in litigation alone are the ball park figures

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