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Message to all Entrepreneurs at every stage- Don’t You Quit! We’re always just a hair’s breadth from #Success

May 14, 2015

Looking forward to joining Evan Carmichael ( yet again today 14th May 2015 12.30-1.30pm EST/EDT = 5.30 UK GMT/BST toDon't You Quit!day, at his invitation, for his monthly Entrepreneurs Twitter Chat #DellSMBChat on the theme of Don’t Quit. (Feel free to join in)  So I have posted this for anyone on the line – and elsewhere – who could use a little encouragement. This rhyme has been an inspiration for me that kept me going when times were tough and fired my determination to keep going. Many times I have experienced the #Success that comes from keeping going long after others around me quit…

I am also delighted to have made it into the distinguished company of Evan’s lists of the Top 100 Coaches on Twitter.

Remember these:-

1. We’re always just a hair’s breadth from #Success -so #Believe and keep going!

2. CHANGE is the ONLY way to be, do, have, more than we currently are. Lead that Change. #IMAGINE your BEST POSSIBLE Life and Go for it!

3. The thing about Comfort Zone is this. Once we firmly decide to major step outside, after initial fear, come excitement, exhilaration #Success.

4. When you decide quit! Stop, take a breather, recall your #Vision, and Congratulate! yourself for how far you have come and give it ONE MORE GO!

To YOUR #Success


My Open Letter to Women Entrepreneurs – and NEW Opportunity

April 13, 2015

Dear Woman Entrepreneur,

Truly ‘She is’ ALL that she is capable of – with a little help from her friends…

I wanted you to be one of the first to get this Update. Please check out the NEW LINK   – all in one place – for exciting new information…AND the opportunity to 'She is' Dream Team Sophie Bennett, Julie Anne Hart, Valerie Dwyerjoin our imminent, FREE, LIVE, ONLINE  ‘She Is Wealth’ Business and Wealth Building Q&A

Since Writing ‘Woman Power: Strategies for Female Leaders’ last year, and the success it is achieving, I knew that I wanted to do so much more to help more women entrepreneurs – and suddenly it’s all happening…

Early this year I launched the Woman Power Dream Team™ with the Destination Me™ 6 Month Intensive Programme for highly ambitious women entrepreneurs who want to step up to their next level of success – and live the life and business they dream of – the one that they REALLY want – AND it is going brilliantly, so many talented women who want to thrive…and are now finding their own way to do it!

However, not everyone is ready for that level of programme and suddenly I had the answer…

Earlier this month, after co-writing the song ‘She is’ with my talented singer/songwriter friend Philippa Hanna, we both began to visualise the CD accompanied by videos, on stages at global conferences, the She is conference in 2016, with women of all ages, races  and much more…

But to get to it…after showing the iphone video I took of Philippa doing a quick run-through of the song (at which we were both brought to tears of joy, the words are SO beautiful) to two women entrepreneur friends, Sophie Bennett (Author of Money Bondage, Founder of the Wealth Network and Speaker) and Julie Anne Hart (International Intuitive Leadership Expert, Author of Sleeping with the Myth of Fear, Creator of the 12 Sacred Steps, Principles for Advanced Spiritual Living and Speaker) they are now my collaborators, we all saw the same #Vision and the She is Consultancy was formed with global intentions.

And this is the first thing that happened…

We are kicking off an #AMAZING Transformational She is Wealth – Business and Wealth Building Retreat 25/26/27th Junewith 3 Heart-Centred but Savvy Mentors over 3 Days of Magic. Places limited to intensively help 12 women, focused entirely on transforming their lives through Building their Business and their Wealth. AND there WILL be leisure time, cocktails, treats and bonuses!

Everyone comes away confident with belief in their new #Vision, Clarity, Focus and Direction. Not only that but practical Strategies and Plans, with guidance and support to at last Make it Happen, make their BIG DREAM a Reality. Now that’s priceless!

And if you were reaching us by any other route, the price would be pricey! But as we are doing this direct – and from our hearts – it is highly affordable for the return on investment.

As a friend and fellow entrepreneur, I was certain you would like to know about this and, of course, I would LOVE to see you there and work with you on building your Wealth and your Business.

Whatever level you are currently at – there is always room to Grow!  And we will show you how!

This is the link to find out more,   do let me know what you think, and if it resonates with you, please do seriously consider this amazing opportunity.

Between us we’ve over 50 years business experience, learning from the Downs as well as the Ups, knowing how to innovate, reinvent  and keep going including starting, buying, merging, growing and selling a variety of businesses and have awesome testimonials from many of the several thousand women entrepreneurs we have helped to success.

What goes around comes around, we women know this, so please be generous and share, pass this on to help other women entrepreneurs to THRIVE too. You will feel great and the world will be a better place too for it…

To Your Success and Your Wonderful Life

Valerie , Julie Anne & Sophie xx

WOW! It truly is a World of Opportunity! ‘She is..’ and The Power of 3 Benefits Women Entrepreneurs

April 9, 2015

WOW! It truly is a World of Opportunity! Exciting developments from recently co-writing a song ‘She is..’ with fabulous friend Singer/Songwriter Philippa Hanna has spun off an exciting development. More below – and look out for the announcement when the CD launches shortly…

When we sat down recently in Philippa’s Sheffield Studio to write an inspirational song for #Women, little did we know how suddenly this would have the potential to spin off not only UK but also global opportunities, including the ‘She is..’ CD, a Video, Webinars, Workshops, Transformational Rural Business and Wealth Building Retreats (Global), and a major ‘She is’ Conference in 2016. Read on about what’s happening first, and we would LOVE you to join us, be generous and share with all the women you know too – yes the #Vision does include future support for men too!

Access your ‘She is..’ Business and Wealth Building Retreat FREE Q&A and Video

FREE ‘She is…Q&A and Video

The Power of 3 Benefits Women Entrepreneurs

A chance meeting led to a power trio of women getting together to launch a new consultancy. Valerie Dw'She is' Dream Team Sophie Bennett, Julie Anne Hart, Valerie Dwyeryer, Julie Anne Hart and Sophie Bennett are the founders of She Is, a wealth and business building consultancy. It’s a new concept bringing soft skills and practical business skills together in a way that’s not being delivered elsewhere.  “I’ve had enough of seeing people struggle to build a business that sustains them” said Dwyer. “We all need outside help to get our vision clear, boost our confidence and get the money rolling in but until now women couldn’t get all that support in one place”

 The She Is trio is a business building dream team. They open their doors in June for a 3 day transformational retreat. She Is plans to go global with an intimate connection of heart-centred women. Don’t miss out on their unique first event, with just 12 places. It’s the start of something very exciting – and you could be a part of it.

You can find out more about how to join the She Is Wealth Retreat FREE Q&A and build your business HERE


 She Is, Wealth and Business Building Consultancy Founders:-

 Valerie Dwyer is a Serial Entrepreneur, Business Coach & Mentor, Speaker and Author of ‘Woman Power: Strategies for Female Leaders’. The Director of ‘My Wonderful Life Coach™’, developer of the VitalVision Blueprint™ process and Woman Power Dream Team™, in 2006 Valerie was appointed by the Government to the UK Women’s Enterprise Taskforce, charged with helping increase opportunities for the growth of women’s enterprise. Their legacy is the £multi-million Aspire fund with a remit to invest in women’s growth-potential enterprises

Julie Anne Hart is an International Intuitive and Leadership Expert, Speaker and Author of ’Sleeping with the Myth of Fear’. She is Founder of the Wise Women and Wisdom Academy™; Creator of the “12 Sacred Steps: Spiritual Principles for Advanced Living and Leadership” and Facilitator of The Awakened Woman Workshops

Sophie Bennett is a Speaker, Business Mentor and Author of Amazon #1 Best Seller ‘Money Bondage: Discover the Power of Mind Over Money’.  Sophie, The Entrepreneur to Millionaire Coach™ is the Founder of Entrepreneur’s Edge LIVE! and The Wealth Network and is currently developing a Book Writing Course for would-be authors..


February 4, 2015

You can find out more about my #VitalVision process in my new book: ‘Woman Power: Strategies for Female Leaders’

WE40 Cover Woman Power - Strategies for Female Leaders

Over 30 years I have worked with thousands of entrepreneurs to help them holistically create the life and business of their dreams, the future they REALLY want, using tailormade packages from my specially developed programmes including creative holistic VitalVision Blueprint™ Visioning and Visualisation, VitalVision™Strategic  Brainstorming,   VV Strategic Right Action Planning™,  ‘Six Steps to Supercharged Success And Abundance’ and more recently my Destination Me Intensive™ – all supported by Coaching and Mentoring for practical implementation, accountability and successful outcomes.

I focus my help where it is most needed, where the entrepreneur (start up or established) is blocked in their ambition for BIG SUCCESS, or stuck on a Business Plateau they cannot quite get over, (for example stuck at a certain turnover level they would like to double or treble or more) or blocked in some other way, (confidence or other issues) with either not enough or too many choices and issues about which direction to take their life and business(es) in.

There is once core principle that I have found to be an individual’s KISSAA –  Key Indicator for Supercharged Success And Abundance – and this is it.

However BIG, ambitious and grand an entrepreneur’s #Vision, their #Values must be fully aligned to it.

I was recently asked about this relationship between our Values and our Vision following a statement I made:-

Success is achieved when your Vision aligns with your Values, so being clear on your Values is Vital”.

Because this IS so fundamental to success, I wanted to explain this in the simplest terms.

What are Values? However you describe them, Values are the inherent Code by which we live.  What we deeply believe in at a subconscious as well as conscious level

  • First, think about and list all of your Values
  • Then, order your Values into a hierarchy
  • Finally, do some reflection, think thoroughly about these Values and consider whether these are in the final places in the hierarchy you wish them to be. If not, reorder again
  • Remember that some Values can change in priority, come to the fore or draw back, as we live and our lives change. Rarely do our core Values completely change although they can be affected by traumatic incidents

Check your Values with your Vision for your life and business. Do they align, match, correlate?

Yes? Then you are Setting Yourself Up For Success

No? Then think carefully before you continue

Why is it vital to have your Values aligned with your ambitious Vision?

The two critical reasons fundamental to success are this:-


  1. Creating a Vision that conflicts with your Values, you are liable to self-sabotage your plans
  2. Working with people to achieve your Vision, but whose Values disagree with your own is setting yourself for conflict, disagreements and possible failure.

You will be able to think of many examples where these conflicts arise in your own life and circumstances.

  1. As a simple example:-

You are passionately committed to protecting resources and the natural environment and love nature.  How will you succeed in selling the idea of a product or service that requires excessive packaging, potential waste or extensive tree felling out of context. What effect does that have on you? Reflect and think of your own real-life examples where you have worked so hard and tried but failed to succeed in situations or endeavours.

  1. As a simple example

Honesty and truth are your core values and your work brings you into contact or requires co-operation with people you discover struggle with telling the truth or blatantly lie. What effect does that have on you? Reflect and think of your own real-life examples where you have worked so hard and tried but failed to succeed in relationship situations.

Think about your own circumstances and where you have struggled to achieve in some area, look to identify either of the areas of conflict above you will begin to see why some plans are already doomed at the outset, so need rethinking, and why some relationships will never work – and you may need to decide whether to continue to compromise your values, or to walk away and in the future be aware so that you find the situations and relationships that work better for you.





















Values: Be aware. Find The Perfect Values Match. What are yours? List and enlighten yourself!

Please feel free to share this article though I would appreciate your mention of the source which is my own work and copyright. You can find out more about my #VitalVision process in my new book: ‘Woman Power: Strategies for Female Leaders’

This book is also a useful resource for entrepreneurs (entrepreneurs are leaders too!) AND for men who wish to understand the thinking and leadership styles of women leaders.

I would love your constructive feedback. Please say if this is article is helpful and what other aspects of entrepreneurship and/or succeeding in creating the life and business you REALLY want you would like to read more ‘snippets’ or observations about

Entrepreneur Authors Valerie Dwyer and Sophie Bennett ensure ‘Woman Power’ overcomes ‘Money Bondage’

December 23, 2014

We are delighted!!   Announcing Sophie Bennett’s ‘Entrepreneur’s Edge LIVE! 2’  30 & 31st January 2015.

Entrepreneur Authors Valerie Dwyer, ‘Woman Power: Strategies for Female Leaders’ founder of My Wonderful Life Coach™ and Sophie Bennett, ‘Money Bondage: Discover the Power of Mind Over Money’, founder of Entrepreneur to Millionaire Coach

Valerie Dwyerand Sophie Bennett Entrepreneur Authors crop

Entrepreneur Authors Sophie Bennett ‘Money Bondage’ and Valerie Dwyer ‘Woman Power’ at Entrepreneur’s Edge LIVE! 2014

exchange books at the #Amazingly Powerful ‘Entrepreneur’s Edge LIVE!‘ one day event in 2014. 

So powerful, that ‘Entrepreneur’s Edge LIVE! 2an unmissable 2 day event runs 30th and 31st January 2015. Hope to see you there.

Countdown to ‘Change Your Life in A Day’ in our interactive ‘Wealth Vitality, Visions and Values’ Workshop 19/11/14

November 5, 2014

The countdown is on! to ‘Change Your Life in A Day’ with Vital Women in our interactive ‘Wealth Vitality, Visions and Values’ Workshop 19/11/14

Today, I’m sharing a couple of my favourited #quotes with you that people tell me they have found helpful and shared with others.  And there’s a very good reason I am doing this. Why? Because you do not need to hear anything ‘second hand’. You are now offered an amazing opportunity to discover what this creating the life you REALLY want is all about first hand, and get started. But time is running out, as it always does…

You have under two weeks to sign up to join us for One Amazing Day that WILL catalyse change in your life, towards the life that you REALLY want. This event, as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week UK is on UK Women’s Enterprise Day and therefore a women only event this time.

Join me,Valerie Dwyer, Serial Entrepreneur, Business Coach and Mentor, Founder of My Wonderful Life Coach– co-author of ‘Woman Power: Strategies for Female Leaders’, recently nominated for Inspirational Woman of the Year 2014 in the Nottingham Post Women’s Business Awards with a 30 year track record of empowering women to start and grow enterprises and go for their dreams and make them real –  and #Values Guru Karen Oehme, Founder of Vital Women, and other aspiring women, for One Amazing Day

In a friendly, supportive, safe and secure environment you will find your way to bouncing over your barriers, crushing your challenges, creating your VitalVision Blueprint for Success and stepping out on the journey you’ve always wanted – down the road to the life you REALLY want. AND you’ll have fun doing it we promise!! BUT we will take you a little out of your Comfort Zone for a short while because that’s the ONLY way to create real change! AND you’ll receive follow on support to keep on track on your new journey….


COURAGE. CHANGE is the only way to be, do and have more than we currently are. Lead that change, discover in our interactive workshop ‘How to  #IMAGINE your BEST #POSSIBLE future and then MAKE IT HAPPEN!

The thing about Comfort Zone is this. Once we firmly decide to major step outside, after initial fear, comes excitement, exhilaration and #Success

Clear #Vision & aligned #Values give you #Confidence, #Focus & #Direction to take Right Action, create and attract your ideal future #Vision #Leadership

CONFIDENCE THE KEY to believe in self, face down fears, tackle unknown, explore with courage and ACHIEVE. Create our own? DEFINITELY! #Justdoit – with a little help from our friends. Join us for One Amazing Day.

The difference between failure and success can be as simple as not recognising a valuable opportunity when it is right in front of you. Don’t miss out, sign up here now join us on 19th November 2014, become part of our Vital Women community and change your life to the one  you REALLY want…

And while you’re here, why not help a friend? Flyer attached as a .pdf file for you to save, forward, print and share GEWUK Wealth Vitality, Visions and Values19 11 14

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